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Part 46: Coda 3: The Destruction Ending


I had to do some savegame editing to get this to trigger.

For starters, I flipped the "waited at least 3 days in Sigrholm" counter to 0.

Which makes Eyvind really mad when he does his check.

And we'll antagonize him further.

Then, when he asks about the dredge baby...

I flip the bit that says the baby's dead/abandoned, and have Iver piss him off some more by not even admitting remorse.

Touche, wizard. Now we'll get him mad about killing Castaway, the dredge stonehurler.

: You can't burn everything down over a few mistakes!

We don't need to change this one; we let the woman die.

In hindsight, the game gives you pretty good clues if you've been successful with Eyvind. In the canonical play, it explicitly tells you that it seems like you've persuaded him. Hell, even in the version where I trolled him but still had good decisions to fall back on, it told me that he seemed at least partially convinced that life was worth saving. Not so much, here.

So he has a little pity party.

Then he's kind of a jerk to Iver.

And he asks us to trust him.

Complete with a threat.

So he's clearly making a deal with the Serpent. Let's see what happens if we try to remind him of what Juno wanted.

: Eyvind, this isn't what Juno wanted.
Eyvind doesn't turn around, but you can feel his anger boiling over.

Oh. Well I guess we're getting the same ending after a--

Well, that could have gone better.

Eyvind blows up the Serpent. Iver. The tower. Juno. Everything dies.



Arguably this is a better ending than the "whoops Alfrun's dead and we killed Eyvind" ending. At least here it's a clean death rather than having Juno wandering around alone forever.

Anyway, glad this didn't actually happen too!