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Part 23: Chapter 6 - 02

This is a really dull mission. You stand around on ice rafts and kill Finfolk that jump up one at a time. Then the chunk lands and you need to fight wolves and Trow. Repeat.

If you just skipped to the end and watched the video, you wouldn't miss anything important.

The next few updates are a lot more interesting and fun.

Chapter 6 - 02

The Bard tensed for battle as the Finfolk detected life on the floating iceberg, and they moved swiftly to deal with the intruders.

All the fighting shifted the course of the chunk of ice, and it crunched back into the rivers edge.

The Bard and his party quickly scuttled off before the chunk was torn away by the swift current.

Unfortunately, they couldn't rest long, for soon wolves were upon them.

Many Trow horns sounded, it seems that Cathbad had sent an army of Trow to ensure that the Bard died on schedule.

One of the Trow managed to get off a blast calling for aid on his horn before he died, and a large force soon was in hot pursuit of the Bard.

The Bard fled, but was stopped at the rivers edge.

The choices were fight or flee, and the Bard opted to flee.

The Bard could see that the river branched off in two directions, but the current, while weaker here, forced him down the left branch, into the heart of the Finfolk territory.

The Finfolk swarmed the ice raft with such fury that the Bard feared their combined weight would tip or shatter the raft, spilling him into the ocean.

But eventually, they were cleared off. The Bard wiped his brow. Then an arrow landed at his feet. There were Trow archers on the riverbank.

The Bard used his own bow to dispatch them before they could report his position.

But soon the finfolk were back.

Level 10
Luck increased to 12
Rhythm increased to 13

The combat pushed the ice raft towards shore. Unfortunately for the Bard, a large party of Trow was ready and waiting.

The Bard slew them all and headed down a path, only to wind up at the edge of a section of river he'd passed earlier while drifting on the current.

The other branch in the river was tantalizingly close, and another chunk of ice looked ready to break off. But the Bard would just wind up in circles if he didn't find some way to fight the current.

The Bard searched the corpses of the Trow, and lashed together a Trow swords and Trow spears to create a pair of crude oars.

The Bard handed one to the Mercenary. "Here, let's try and paddle this raft into that other branch of the river.

Much straining and cursing later, they made it in.

More Trow archers sniped at the raft.

Finally, the raft came to rest on shore. Once again, there was a small group of Trow.

But finally, past the Trow, the Bard miraculously found the object he was seeking.


: Remembering the curse of the Trow, the Bard strode forward to draw the sword from its icy abode.

Experience: 1100

: Behold the fabled sword Casgair, freed from centuries of imprisonment in the ice by the hand of our brave hero. Ah... my favorite part of our tale.

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