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Part 56: Chapter 13 - 02

Chapter 13-02

Island Tower Summit

The Sky was a blood-red when the Bard stepped off the elevator onto the top level of the floating tower.

Mannanan: You know not what you are getting yourself into, fool of a Bard. Turn back now before it is too late!

: Not knowing what I'm getting myself into has been the latest trend for me. No point in thinking that's going to change. In the spirit of things however, I'll give you one last chance to surrender toME. How does that sound?

To the Bard's surprise, Mannanan seemed to consider the proposal for a moment.

Mannanan: I cannot abandon my eternal vigil. You leave me no choice. To the Death!

The Bard lunged forward, connecting with Mannanan.

Mannanan: Hahahahaha! A feeble blow. Now feel the fury of the elements!

Mannanan transformed into a whirlwind. The Bard swung his sword right through it with no effect.

Then The twister zapped the Bard with a bolt of lightning.

The Bard knew at that moment precisely what to do.

"Run away!" the Bard shouted.

The brave Bard oh-so-valiantly ran away, and his summons obediently followed, but not fast enough to stay ahead of the sucking power of the twister.

Eventually, Mannanan retook... solid form, tired from the expenditure of energy.

But the Bard's blows were again not especially effective. Even the Ego Sword mocked him.

Ego Sword: Are you sure you're using the proper hand?

After a few blows, Mannanan turned into a pillar of fire.

The Bard heard shrieks and whistling from above and looked up to see a rain of fire plunging from the sky. He quickly got out of the way.

His summons were not as agile.

Eventually, Mannanan tired and resumed solid form.

This time, when Mannanan turned into the whirlwind, the Bard ordered the Crone to stay put, while he lead the single-minded Mannanan on a merry chase.

And onward the Dance of Death continued.

Mannanan: Prepare to feel the fury of the heavens!
: From what I can tell, you're just a lot of hot air!

Finally it was all over.

The Bard ripped Mannan's crystal necklace from his body.

Mannanan Defeated

The torch went out, and Caleigh appeared on the tower summit.

Caleigh: You made it!

: Sorry I'm late. I had a bit of trouble with the weather.

The Bard then remembered something.

:Hold on a minute. You're still a spirit!
Caleigh: Of course my love.
: But this is the third tower!
Caleigh: True, my love.
: But you're supposed to be here... I mean in the flesh.

Caleigh: No my love. I am imprisoned atop the tower in Dounby.
: You said you'd be in the third tower.
Caleigh: Nooo, I said you needed to put out the flames in three towers to set me free.
: And I have.

Caleigh: My prison in the Dounby Tower could not be opened until all three flames were extinguished. Now you can come to the final tower and rescue me... in the flesh. Soft, warm, supple...

: Alright, alright, just put a sock in it! It's growing a little old... even for me. Just tell me; how many lands must I venture to before this so-called 'final tower'? How many Bodbs and instruments must I collect? And how many more idiots must I converse with?

Caleigh: Nothing more, just come to the tower.

: I'll believe that if I live to see it. There is of course a slight problem. The door to this tower has been sealed, and I have no way out.

The floating platform the Bard was standing on, gave an ominous rumble and started to tilt slightly.

: And I fear that since this tower is floating in mid-air, a very long fall may be in my future.

Caleigh: Fear not, my love. I can help you. The magic that binds me grows weak thanks to your efforts. I was aware of Fionnaoch's plan to trap you and have been conserving my energies so that I could aid you this one final time.

The Bard heard the sound of something approaching, flapping huge wings. The Bard turned to see a great, firey beast.

The thing hovered nearby, waiting for orders

Caleigh: Your transportation to Dounby awaits.

The Bard thought of what would come next, and he felt slightly ill.

: Hmmm... interesting. Look, could you conjure up something that sticks to the ground? A nice carriage perhaps?
Caleigh: Oh, you'll be perfectly safe. I'll await your arrival at the top of the tower. I long for our first kiss.

Caleigh started to fade out.

: I'll tell you what - if you're not there, you can kiss my-
Caleigh: Farewell...

Then she was gone.

: I hate people who have to be the ones to get the last word in.

Knight: I am shocked by the strife and suffering this beautiful soul hath endured. Indeed it hath gone on too long, and it will take the likes of us to win her freedom. We must set her free.

: And so our brave Bard would soon mount the firey beast and ride through turbulent skies, winging his way towards destiny and the...

The Bard could take no more and ran to the edge of the parapet, whereupon he ejected the contents of his stomach.

: Ohhh.... Excuse me... I get a little sick even thinking about flight.

: Oh, I give up... And so our brave Bard mounted the firey beast, hung on for dear life and tried to keep down his lunch.

The Bard discovered a pouch on the beast with 15 adder stones, and hung on with his eyes tightly closed until it landed in the courtyard outside Dounby Tower.

Next Update: Part 1 of the thrilling climax!

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