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Let's Play "The Big O" Fan-Games

I'm a fan of The Big O as a series. It deals with themes of truth, discovery, and identity, which are relevant to me as a person. But it never occurred to me that anyone would try to adapt the series into a game, because how would you even do that? The big robot fights certainly aren't what make the show so unique, and capturing the surrealistic atmosphere of Paradigm-City in an interactive format would be quite the challenge. Well, someone tried it anyway.

There are two Big O fan-games, one of which is a demo centering around the whole "giant robot" aspect, and another which plays more like an RE clone. Be warned, neither of them are exactly reeking of polish. They're also lacking in sound effects and put really good music on an obnoxious, incessantly small loop. We'll play through both completely, one per video, since they're very tiny. Itty bitty.


That's it!
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