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The Binding of Isaac

by Xaiter

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Original Thread: Everything is Terrible! Let's Play The Binding of Isaac



Before we begin, there's already another good LP of The Binding of Isaac in progress over here that you should check out.

The only thing I'd really like to mention is, don't worry about spoilers. This isn't the kind of game that would be ruined by them.

Contest closed! Winners have been announced below!

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Holy crap, we broke the game.

Thanks to Dinictus for the image!

Item Pools by Panzer

Game's Rules & Stats - Decompiled by ColorPrinter

Binding of Isaac & Wrath of the Lamb Winners
In no particular order

larchesdanrew loves his Lil' Chub.

Skippy Granola made a disturbingly delicious looking pie.

MissEchelon will need to put this painting away when guests come over.

SystemLogoff will never be allowed to write children's books. (Click for book)

ZLF Aurora shows us how a Meat Boy is born.

Super Meat Boy Winner!
Brass Bucket illustrates how much Meat Boy loves you.

Random Winners!
Random winners can choose between the Binding of Isaac and Wrath of the Lamb

EagerSleeper shows us the unfortunate fate many meat boys will come to.

FrancisYorkPatty might have some dad issues.

GuavaMoment shows us that War IS good for something.

SMexicandoanything stole a couple of pages from Isaac's diary.

Mayorofunkytown knows what the bosses are doing in their free time.

Sticker Winners!
Each winner will receive an Isaac sticker and either a Meat Boy or Dr. Fetus sticker!

Treuan has written the introduction to The Binding of Meatboy.

Veryslightlymad was killed by the most adorable enemy of all.

Miz Kriss was banned from the local bake sale.

Last, but not least, the Grand Prize winner is...
MissEchelon's painting!
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