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Original Thread: Anime lizard man with boxing gloves. - Let's Play The Boxing [VLP]



Let's Play The Boxing

The Boxing (or just "Boxing" in America) is a PSone title in the Simple Series of Japanese budget games published by D3. The idea behind the series was to release games with simple (sometimes bizarre) concepts that consumers ordinarily wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on, made by any number of developers. This particular title is a middle ground for the series, in that it isn't nearly as weird as something like "Hell of Bunch", but it does feature an anime lizard man and some other strange fighters.

What kind of LP is this?

Video, post-commentary. I'll be showing off all the fighters and their moves, as well as showing the "secret" cup and character. This will be a short but hopefully sweet LP.

Why should I care?

The Boxing is in a weird place. It came out on a system with a lot of other boxing games, and there was nothing particularly remarkable about it at first glance. I mean, it was just called "Boxing" here in the US. It does have some pretty good mechanics to it, however, once you dig in, and it forges a neat middle ground between a normal 3d-fighting game and an actual boxing title.

So how about it? Let's punch some anime lizard men.


Round 1. Lightweight

Round 2. Middleweight

Round 3. Heavyweight

Round 4. Secrets

Thanks for watching!


The game's glorious end sequence by itself.

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