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Original Thread: Let's Play The Cave: A hillbilly, a knight, and a monk walk into a cavern



The Cave is a 2013 side-scrolling platform-adventure game by Double Fine (PS3, Xbox360, WiiU, Steam, iOS, Android, and Ouya. It's cheap and you have no excuse not to get it if you like it). It is about seven curious and flawed characters who, in order to obtain their deepest (darkest) desires, descend into a sentient talking cave. It's charming, funny, and good-looking- The Cave that is, not the cave. Well, the cave is those things too. This game is not the Kickstarter-funded one- it was developed by Ron Gilbert, who you may know as the creator of Maniac Mansion. You'll see elements of that game in The Cave, as well as some things which would fit right in with Psychonauts.


It's likely some of you have played this game, but for those who haven't, I'd like them to discover things about the characters, stories, puzzles, etc. as they're uncovered. That's one of the most fun bits. So please don't spoil anything, even in black bars. If you've got a spoilery question for me, I have PMs. I'll deliberately be doing/not doing some stuff on the first playthrough so it can pay off in the second+, so let's keep that kind of thing on the down-low. You've waited this long to talk about whatever it is, you can wait a little longer. I believe in you!

The game is very minimalistic in its way- although there are seven characters, each with their own story to discover and desire to fulfill, you can only bring a few through the cave at a time. There are environment and object puzzles, but no inventory system. It is as humorous and visually interesting as you'd expect from a Double Fine game, which makes it very enjoyable to watch as far as I'm concerned. The game is surprisingly dark- who would have thought that a game about one's deepest desires involved so many atrocities?

If you'd like to see a little of the game in action, here's the official announcement trailer which does a pretty good job.

What that trailer isn't able to show is the multi-character nature of some of the puzzles. You can swap between your three characters at any time, which is often necessary to solve a puzzle. It's a neat dimension of the game, and with each character's unique ability can sometimes change things up a little bit.

There is a local co-op mode where people can play through the cave together, and I will have some bonus content featuring that too!

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I didn't plan for this kind of section because I didn't expect anything, but people are awesome and do awesome things! Thank you!

Yoake posted:

I just like the idea of some monk using telekinetic, zen something or other to levitate a giant hotdog. I just found it really goofy.
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