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The City Of Lost Children

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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What is this?

The City Of Lost Children is a 3D adventure game released in 1997 and it is loosely based on the film 'The City of Lost Children' which was released in 1995. The game is very minimalistic in its approach, so much so it seems to assume that you've seen the film already as it throws you into the game with next to no information about anything. What we do know right now is that kids are being kidnapped from the streets and we are playing the game as a kid ourselves. We play as a twelve-year-old girl called Miette, who is part of a criminal gang of orphans that is run by the orphanage owner "Pieuvre" (Octopus). We start off with a task to accomplish

There isn't a whole to see apart from the main playthrough. When I said the game is minimalistic that also means the gameplay as well, there's little to no deviation from the main path. There's also little in the way of dialogue and interactivity as well. This game also suffers from other issues, inventory items are hard to spot and can only be picked up if you're standing right above them, there are no hints on how to proceed with puzzles and the puzzles themselves are not very intuitive.

I'd highly recommend watching the film for yourself.

LP Details

This will be a VLP and I will be recording commentary live and unscripted. I don't have a schedule, it all depends on when I have free time around work and child care but I will aim to have at least one video up a week. Even though there isn't a whole lot of deviation in the storyline there are fail states, something which I will attempt to show off in a video separate from the main playthrough.

Let's Play: The City Of Lost Children

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