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The Dark Mod

by Bobbin Threadbare

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Original Thread: You Gotta Be Taffing Me. Let's Play the New Thief [DF]



The Dark Mod is a total conversion mod for Doom 3 (go figure) that as of last year is completely stand-alone: you do not need Doom 3 itself to play, and everything you do need you can download straight from the website I've linked.

If you want to know what this is about, let me put it simply: The Dark Mod is more of a sequel to the first two Thief games than Thief 3 was. However, I should warn you that this includes both the bad and the good. The maps are potentially huge, but the initial loading times represent that fact all too well (thankfully quick saving/loading within a map is nice and quick). Being developed exclusively for the PC, TDM relies more on using the entire keyboard than on menus and context-sensitive buttons, and both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks. Also, it's still not the most stable of games. Still, TDM adds a physics engine to areas that look and sound remarkably like they were made in the Dark Engine, plus the guard AI has been improved significantly over the old games.

Another issue is that since TDM is fan-made, the maps can vary significantly in quality from one creator to another. My current collection (shown below) comes from a recommended list I found in the Thief thread in Games, although I haven't yet played most of them. My current idea is to play through the Thomas Porter series alongside the main chapters in Thi4f and then play through the more one-off stuff during exploration and side job videos. For this first video the choice was obvious: we'll be exploring The Tears of Saint Lucia, the map that's included with the basic download since it's a good, solid mission that's easy enough for beginners and contains a few secrets for advanced players.

I believe I've got enough missions to take me through the entirety of Thi4f, and since there is no conceivable end to these things, I'm going to say right now that I will make exactly the same number of videos for both games and this is not up for negotiation. That said, since I'm not too familiar with what all is available, I am definitely up for suggestions on which missions to prioritize.

John's note
Perre's note
Sophie's reply
Drunkenness punishment
Gambling punishment
Brigid's Blessing
The Reverend's journal
The guard's journal
The Pagan Problem
Confessional Records
Visitation Records
History of the Inquisition
Abagtha's note

The Smuggler's Diary
Builder's Note
Unfinished Note
Elsie's TURF!

Ralf's Bread
Symond's Letter
Ralf's Debts
Walt's Game
Attention Servants!
For Honorable Service
For Protecting the City
For Protecting the Nobility
An Unexpected Move
A Bold Move
Weight Sensor Mark IV
Walt's Concerns
Puzzle Lock Mark II
Poetry by Yrjaenae

Map: Cellar
Map: 1st Floor
Map: 2nd Floor
Thief's Note
Welton's Pay
Kitchen Hours
WTF Dude?
There's No P in Well
Mary's Letter
Isabella's Eels
Yardley's Escape
Church History pages 11-12
Welton's Wages
Isabella's Accomodations
Teresa's Journal
Guard Conduct
Day Roster
Saturday's Hanging
Teresa's Goodbye
Church History pages 5-6
Afferton's Bonus
Torn Pages
Harckoff's Excuse (Trumble)
Harckoff's Visitor (Trumble)
Trumble's Journal
Witcomb's Warning
Additional Objectives
Fire Damage
Church History pages 13-14
Harckoff's Visitor (Witcomb)
Witcomb's Worries
Harckoff's Orders
Poker Face

Harckoff's Excuse (Isabella)
Church History pages 9-10
Isabella's Journal
Church History pages 3-4
Church History pages 7-8
Harckoff's List
Harckoff's Reminder
Harckoff's Ledger
Harckoff's Addition
Church History pages 1,2,15
Harckoff's Journal

Fence's Note
Key Note
Alternate Drop Note
Antique Coins Note
Reputation Note
Deposit Note
Log Note
Casing Map
Office Keys Note
Joyce's Code
Affair Evidence
Husband's Letter

Porter's Journal
Blacksmith's Journal
Pratchett's Rights
Oliver's Clumsiness
Oliver's Plea
Augursbury Murder Case
Butternose Raid
Inspector's Report
Knighton's Log

Builder Scripture
A Guard's Suspicions
Reported Crimes
Corridor Sealed

Astronomical Observations
A Thief's Regret
Servant's Journal
Lord Morley's Regret
Optional Objective

Grocery List
De Vermis Mysteriis
The Smothering Book

Glenham Map
Skipwyth's Charge
Skipwyth's 1st Report
Skipwyth's 2nd Report

De Grenefeld's Acquisitions
New Objectives
A Warning
Ulcer Treatment
De Grenefeld's Diary
Treatise on Undeath Vol. 1
Me Gold
Final Objectives

District Map
Manor Map
Misery and Darkness
Cleaning Schedule

Woodworth's Diary
Burnt Letter
Display Case Mk II
Prinn's Phrase Book
Annebelle's Diary
Secret Objectives

Blackmail 1
Blackmail 2
Gybbs Sound Player
Blackmailer's List
Archery Scores
Setup Note
Worried Journal
Builder's Note
Window Bars
A Final Note
Painting Tip
Bishop's Journal

A Treatise on Mines
Inventor's Guild Journal
Hubris Journal
Bier's Complaint
Bier's Complaint (Draft)
Meeting Notice
Ames' Note
Cleighmoor Map 1
Cleighmoor Map 2
Sewer Map
Bier's Stakeout
Ames' Journal
Front Desk Log
Blackmailer's Tip
Cashbox Notice
Bier's Confusion
Marston's Safe Deposit Box
Marston's Journal
Bier's Reminder
Evidence: Bottles
Evidence: Needle
Evidence: Club
Mackie's Note
Evidence: Map
Evidence: Steele
Evidence: Cleaver
Evidence: Chair Leg
Evidence: Urn
Evidence: Arrow
Evidence: Necklace

Mackie's Note (new font)
Site Rules
DeTorro's Ultimatum
New Objectives

Katherine's Warning
Stop Drinking from Random Bottles
So hands off!!!!
Yarling's Warning
Yarling's Largesse
Yarling's Dream
To Ma
Dear Diary
Small Council Visit
Station Log
Prison Log
Maintenance Note
Benson's Note
Smithson's Note
Benson's Objective
Yancy's Internment
Cleighmoor Overview
Cell Door Note
Clarise's Letter
Fielder's Loan
Fielder's Diary
Temple Map

Sam's Last Message
Map 1
Map 2
Target Contest
Jaff's Booty
Eleanor's Perscription
Andrew's Confessions
Edridge's Key
Edridge's Paranoia
Lady Helena's Diary
Agnes' Letter
Chambermaid's Fake Orders
Sister Augusta's Letter
Helena's Requirements

Art and Wine
Edridge's Demands
Guards' Warning
Cook's Complaints
The Book of Rogues
The Heart Lore
Sister Augusta's Potion
Chapel of Mercy
Chambermaid's Real Orders
Diary of a Jealous Maid
Lilly's Letter
Emma's Sweetheart's Letter
New Objectives
Daytime 3331-3335
Secret Bill
John Edridge's Research
Habble's Diary
Pathetic Love Letter
Spring Water Pump
An Oath
Sam's Final Words
Final Objectives

Pedro's Note
Tavern Owner's Diary
Inventor's Diary
Thief's Diary
Gibson's Journal
Pedro's Objectives
Odd Jobber's Diary
Hotelier's Diary
Smithe's Praise
Guild Thief's Diary
Hotel Guest's Diary
Guard Notice

Lever Issue
Ben's Warning
Public Notice
Maintenance Reports
Binnes' Report
Sykes' Warning
Sykes' "Tip"
Casing Report
The City Tribune
Sykes' Orders

The Footman's Almanac
Explosive Instructions
Prisoner List
Randall's Confession
Cloister Closing
Builder Log
Marcel's Concerns
The Scripture on Undeath

Map: Floor 1
Map: Caves
Map: Floor 2
Moon Diary
Lich Queen's Journal

Ingredient List
The Shadows
Robber's Diary

Hakar's Note
Osten's Plea
Hakar's Instructions
Parables of Father Skubis
Mayla's Troubles
Greengrocer's Diary
Hakar's Musings
Tales of the City
Gambling in the Attic
Rolf's Complaint
Targhin's Log
Case: Father Mirrus Hanno
Case: Ahlen Osten
Case: Bolen
Thief's Concerns
Markus' Warning
Mason's Musings
Booze Note
Sewer Worker's Note
Builder's Gossip
Saint Issa's History
Father Markus' Diary

Thief's Shock
Builders' Last Stand
Real Objectives
Crowns of the Second Seal
Teleni's Last Words
Notes on the Third Seal

Builder's Chronicle
In the shadows...
Journal of Brother Kalin
First Journal of Vas-Daro
Hymn to the Master Builder
A Builder's Plan
Necromancers' History
Final Objectives
Second Journal of Vas-Daro
The Caves of the Beloc
Third Journal of Vas-Daro
Final Ritual of Vas-Daro
Final Words of Vas-Daro
True Diary of Father Markus
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