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The Darkness II

by Fiendly

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Original Thread: Hello Darkness, my old friend...



It's a let's play, you know the deal. If you want to see the game to which this is a sequel, I did an LP of it last year, but everything you need to know about it is covered in the first video of The Darkness II, it's mostly a standalone story.

Videos of side missions from Vendettas mode will be posted roughly where they occur in the main story's timeline. These are very much bonus material and can be saved for after the LP or skipped entirely, they're just additional content and an excuse to go in depth on discussions of the Darkness comic books.

Spoiler Policy: don't spoil shit

Content Warnings: extreme violence and gore, torture, explicit sex acts, slurs



Part 1
Part 2

Vendettas 1
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Vendettas 2
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