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Original Thread: Let's Play The Dig - Name That Polyhedron!



The Dig
Released in 1995, The Dig is a LucasArts sci-fi point-and-click adventure designed by Sean Clark and jointly written by Orson Scott Card, Brian Moriarty, and Steven Spielberg. It has a much more somber tone than the usual LucasArts fare, and what humor it does have sometimes leans a little pitch-black. The graphics are pretty good but nothing to write home about, the soundwork is excellent, and it manages to avoid cat-hair-mustache puzzles in all but 2 instances.

This is a very nostalgic game for me. My mom used to play puzzle games like this and Myst back when I was very small and I would sit watch. I love this game to death, warts and all.

The LP
This is going to be a small, simple LP as I get back into the swing of things for more ambitious projects. I'll be shooting for weekly updates, though not on any specific day. Also, as this is a very story-heavy game, please tag all spoilers.

The Dig is super verbose, but as most of the dialogue is incidental, I feel like it'd ruin the flow of the videos to include it all. As such, every update will have two videos: one for the actual update, and an Extras video that'll have all the extra chatter.


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