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The Dig

by GuavaMoment

Part 1

[56K trapped in Spacetime Six]

What's The Dig?
It's the greatest adventure game ever made. Made by Lucasarts. An asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, and a group of astronauts are sent to redirect it. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know you're trapped on an abandoned alien planet trying to figure out what the hell's going on, and how to get back home. It features a great musical score, awesome voice acting (the main character is voiced by Robert Patrick) and a relative lack of obscure adventure game puzzles.

There was a crappy book released about the game, which I've read. It gives you a little bit of info on things the game glosses over, so I'll add in what I can remember with my updates.

Update 1: The Intro with video at the bottom.

: The asteroid in question is between 100m and 1 km in diameter; the game's not entirely consistent on this. Not an extinction level event, but large enough to severely destroy a local region. It's going to hit somewhere in Europe, hence the name. This size asteroid corresponds to level 9 on the Torino scale:

A collision is certain, capable of causing unprecedented regional devastation for a land impact or the threat of a major tsunami for an ocean impact. Such events occur on average between once per 10,000 years and once per 100,000 years.

Equivalent to a 100-10000 Megaton bomb.

The Tunguska explosion was level 8.

Press: Excuse me! Commander Low!
: Wait a minute folks.

:Also, I die in the fourth update. Spoilers, I guess.

: And I don't die until the penultimate update!

: I don't have to be brilliant, I just have to be careful. The other two crew members with remain with the shuttle. Ken Borden is the most experienced shuttle pilot we have. Cora Miles is our payload specialist. As you all know, she's a candidate for congress but we figured saving the planet was more important than campaigning.
Miles: It's cheaper too!
: Ken and Miles will also totally disappear by the end of the second update.

And making this update totally useless - the video:

Next time - Update 2: Actual gameplay!