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The Dig

by GuavaMoment

Part 10

Update 10: The Map Spire

Back in the nexus, one last four-shape rod and door to open.

Guess we'd better pry that thing open and see what stupid puzzle I need to solve now.

We use the wire we found in the alien spaceship in update 3.

The wire surges with such power that the entire wire vaporizes. More impressive is that it did that even after the wire lost contact with the sparks on the ground. But I shouldn't make fun; all the experts fix computers by randomly feeding mains power into random circuits.

The tram works without any fiddling around!

Welcome to the intro of "Most Obscure Puzzle". We can't solve it now, so we move on.

Something's moving in the top left of this image...

Stepping on that rock diverts the water flow.

Dead end. Back to the last fork in the road.

Hmmm...this device in the center has the same four shapes that are used to open doors. I don't see any doors to open, but my four rods are the only thing I have with a similar key code. Let's try them. The museum code first.

The machine generates an image from the museum spire!

The planetarium spire code shows this image of where I found the blue rod, and that crack into the planetarium. We're in the map spire now, so let's input that code.

Finally, the tomb spire.

Hey, that room wasn't all lit up before.

At least this one's a little bit different from simply moving a lens.

The central crystal has a beam of light coming from it. If that beam hits one of the large white crystals, the light splits into red, blue and green beams. Click on a crystal to rotate it. The goal is to have light hitting every crystal. A retarded monkey can solve this in under a minute.

This thing is starting to look a little more complete...whatever the hell it is. There's still one more lightbridge to connect to it.

The map room showed something going on in the crypt down here. We'll investigate it next time in Update 11: The Most Fucking Retarded Puzzle(s) In The Game