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Part 13

Update 13: The Monster From Curse of Monkey Island

A monster has taken Maggie. First thing we need to do is get Brink off his high horse and get him to come help.

: I don't want you here.
: Something happened to Maggie. She needs our help.
: Then go help her. What I'm doing here is important.
: Hey, if we'd felt that way about YOU, you'd still be dead!
: You're the tough guy, Low. You're the hero. Go do your hero activities and let me do the science.

I'll bet if we take Brink's stash, he'll do whatever we want.

: Really, I'm fine. But please, feel free to leave.

Great, we'll have to distract Brink somehow to get his crystals.

Guano! Right in his eye.

: Give those back!
: I will, Brink -- AFTER you help me find Maggie.
: I'm not going to waste one moment on such a meaningless task!
: Yes you will, Brink. If you ever want these life crystals back.
: You're a miserable bully, Low! Typical military mind! Pushing other people around!
: Right. So follow me and do as you're told. Is that rational enough for you?

Boston and Brink travel to the map spire, and to the "nest" room.

: Is that you? Are you all right?
: Uuuuuuh. Aaaaahhh!
: How can she be all right? She's bound up in that web.

Boston tries walking past the monster.

: HIS lunchtime. Unless we want to end up where Maggie is, we've got to get by this thing.
: The obvious plan is for one of us distract him while the other one slips by.
: Maybe you ARE thinking better, Brink. You want to sneak or distract?
: I'll be the diversion.

: Why are you standing there?
: I'm still trying to figure out what you said.

: Where are you going? I'm over here! Don't leave me!

Video of the above!

Like any good adventure game.

: Boston! Where have you been?
: I've diverted some of the water from the falls. I thought some of it might flow through here and wash the monster away.
: Well, instead the monster's got Brink trapped up there, and I'm still stuck down here.

: ... then when Maggie unclogs the grate, the water I diverted will hit it like a firehose.
: This is seriously your PLAN?
: Do you have a better one?
: Maggie! Can you get the grate open?
: Has anyone thought of the fact that if it DOES spout water like a fire hose, I'M RIGHT HERE?
: That's a good point Maggie. Hold on tight.
: How do I hold on tight when I'm unclogging a grate?
: That's why you get the big bucks.
: Do it then! Just do it! It's only my life, anyway.

What happens next?


: How's my hair?
: You're worried about your --
: I was joking, Boston. You know, like you strong manly types do when you just about get killed.
: Maggie's safe now. I satisfied our little deal. So give me my crystals and let me get back to work.
: Brink, it's time for us to work together on --
: I said give them to me!

Brink runs off.

: Now what?
: I've been getting the feeling that the ghosts want us to help them. As if they were stuck and wanted out.
: Stuck how?
: Well, the library consoles seemed to indicate that they may have left this world for another. What if they want to come back, but can't?
: I don't know. How would we go about helping? Assuming that's what they want, and they wouldn't eat us when they got back.
: Beats me. I'm just interpreting.

Brink took all our crystals, so we have to resupply.

Next time - the update I've been dreading - Update 14: The Wall of Text