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The Dig

by GuavaMoment

Part 15

Update 15:

Boston and Maggie return to the island they made appear last time, and down into a cavern.

: Maybe that metal plate over there.

: If it's like the metal plates on Attila, these four should fit together in that triangle matrix.
: Yes, but there's no guarantee that putting them together will take us anywhere we want to go.
: You have the most cheerful thoughts, Miz Robbins.
: If you had been abducted by a monster and then half-drowned you might be pessimistic too.
: But you lived, didn't you? AND your hair looks terrific again.
: You sure know how to make a girl feel good.
: We'd better go find Brink again. In case these metal plates do the job.
: He treatened to kill me the last time I saw him. Maybe it would be safer if we leave him and send an expidition back to get him later. An ARMED expidition.
: There's no guarantee we'll ever get back. For all we know this is a one way trip.
: You're right. We can't leave him. He scares me, Boston. Worse than the monster.
: They're both just hungry for something.
: But Brink is smarter. More dangerous.
: We're smart too. Let's go.


(over comm): Commander Low, can you hear me?
: Brink, we're looking for you. -- We've got the last of the metal plates and we --
: Listen to me, Commander! I'm trapped. I need your help.
: Where are you?
: It's near one of the light bridges. An arched bridge over a waterfall, and then into a crevice in the rock. You must have been there -- you're the one who's been turning on all the lightbridges, aren't you?
: Hold tight, we're on our way.
: Hold tight? Very funny.

Sound like he's in the Planetarium spire.

This is the place.

: When would it be real trouble, Commander? When it's YOUR hand?
: I don't go sticking my hand into cracks.
: I was reaching for a life crystal. And then the rock shifted. My circulation is cut off -- no blood is getting to my hand. You can't pull me out, Commander. Don't leave me to die here. Even if you have to cut off my hand.
: Don't be so dramatic, Brink. Nobody's going to cut off your hand.
: Don't make promises you might not be able to keep, Maggie.
: Are you serious? He's just got a stuck hand!
: It's a race to see whether gangrene kills him before he dies of thirst or starvation.
: You'd cut it off?
: Of course he would! The military trains you to recognize necessity -- and do it!
: It would be easier if I had anything to cut it with.
: CHEW it off then!
: Oh I would, Brink. But human teeth can't bite through bone.
: After all that's happened to us, this may be the most horrible.

Well, we do have this alien jawbone...


I love this game.

In an earlier version of the game, this happened in a different location that was slowly filling with water, giving you a greater sense of urgency about the situation.

: I'm fine...but I'll need more crystals.
: Come with us to the triangle matrix. We've got all the metal plates. We think it's going to take us home.
: You don't know where it's going to take you. I'd rather gather more life crystals!
: What if it DOES take us home, Brink? What if we can't come back and get you? Do you want to stay here forever? THEN what will happen to your research into the life crystals?
: Yes, I see your point. I'll go with you to try out these metal plates. But if it doesn't get us home, then you two will stop interfering with me from then on. All right? You agree? We have a deal?
: Agreed.
: All right, all right.

Plates go in.

: Do what? What's happening?
: NOTHING is happening, that's what.

: It's a door. You think Earth is on the other side? I think NOTHING is on the other side.
: : What did you expect, the tooth fairy to come and fly us all home? The door opened. Let's go see what's in there.
: We had a deal! I came, these metal plates did NOT take us home, and now you will have to leave me alone forever! You gave me your word, and I expect you to keep it!

Brink runs off, again

: Is that your opinion as a journalist?
: It's my opinion as a sane person.

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