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The Dig

by GuavaMoment

Part 3

Update 3: The Update Before The Update Where Brink Dies.

In the first part of the game when everyone's alive, there's a lot of text. That'll change soon and there will be more exploration and puzzles. Though there is that one "Wall of Text" update that I'm dreading nearer the end.

When we last left our team they were just transported to a planet that Brink dubs "Cocytus". What will be the first words spoken by a human on an alien planet?

: It's a little difficult to move now.
: That's because we've got gravity. Planet-type gravity. We're not inside the asteroid anymore. And the pressure is equalized --there's an atmosphere.
: Can we breathe it?
: Our suits are checking it automatically. Here we are. Yes, it's at least as breatheable as air in L.A. Of course, there's always the danger of airborne infectious agents.

I highly doubt a suit designed to work IN A VACUUM has the capability to detect breathable atmospheres on alien worlds.

: I don't think so. Alien microbes should be no threat to us. They have not evolved to make use of our cell structures.
: The oxygen in our suits won't last long anyway. I say we take 'em off and save the remaining oxygen for the return trip.
: If there IS a return trip.

: Surprise surprise, Attila was a spaceship all along.
: A starship. Faster than light. We're not in our own solar system. No planet but Earth has an atmosphere like this, and this ain't Earth.
: After so many years of bad TV shows () and crackpots with phony pictures. Here is the real proof. There IS alien life.

: WAY out of range.
: I don't see any aliens coming to greet us.
: For all we know, it might have been a million years since these people sent out Attila and they long since died out.
: I don't know about you, but I didn't pack a lunch.
: Or a can of pop.
: Well, we might as well look around and learn what we can about this place. We might be here a while.

This game was attempted and abandoned twice before a third team finished it. In one of the earlier versions there was a survival aspect where you had to gather food and water. The above text seems to be a remnant of that earlier game.

: I was going to check for water. Or some way out of here.
: I think we should remain together.
: Fine. Follow me.
: This is no longer a space expedition, Low. This is an archaeological dig. Therefore I am the obvious leader.
: Fine. Whenever we need to dig something up, you can use the shovel. In the meantime, our first business is to survive. Our second task is to get home. We need to work together, and I'm still the commander of this mission.
: You don't know any more about surviving on an alien world than I do.
: Boston is right, Ludger. He's the one with experience in survival, and we need someone in command. This is no time for a foolish power struggle.
: All right. I agree.

We're in a clearing with a platform in the center and three mounds around us. Let's go to the one on the north.

: I'm not an archaeologist, but these look like bones to me.
: But they are not lying where the animal died. They were placed here. Markers.

: Best guess.
: And now a home for those rat-like things.

: With a shovel? You will destroy the site.
: I'm not doing archaeology right now, Brink. I'm looking for something to help us get home.
: Your name will live forever as the boneheaded space hero who destroyed precious data at the first alien archaeological site.
: That's better than having my name live forever as commander of an expedition that disappeared and was never heard from again. Now get out of the way if you aren't going to help, Brink. This might take a while.

Shovel use count: 2

: Now we have a pile of meaningless dirt and bones.

: Was this the skull of a sentient being? Or a pet? Or a beast of burden?
: I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's dead.
: It's a strange shaped jawbone. The teeth still look strong.

With a tusk and jawbone gathered, let's go to the mound to the west.

: Do you think there's anyone, or anything, alive?
: It seems SOMEONE had to have been here.

Next time - Update 4: The Update Where Brink Dies