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Part 7

Update 7:

Last time on The Dig we were attempting to revive Bri

GOD DAMN IT! Seriously now, the attempt to revive Brink:


Bask in the awesomeness of the voice acting.

: I remember digging. And the ground gave way under me. Then I heard a horrible distorted voice yell "No!" and everyone was talking all weird. What happenend?

Let's trying showing the crystal to Brink like he wanted.

The next thing to try was to open that door that needed some oompf. The one that the tusk almost pried open.

: On three. One. Two. Three!


: The whole display centered on this basin. It's full of crystals. Are these the life crystals? Like the one you used to bring me back to life?
: They look like it.
: Then it couldn't be more clear. These life crystals are the reason they brought us to this world. They have found the secret of life, and they want to share.
: Weren't you WATCHING, Brink? I don't care what language you speak, that ghost shaped itself like a skull. It was warning us -- these crystals are dangerous.
: It was the symbol of death, Low. These crystals are the antidote for death, that's what it meant!
: What if there are side effects? Did you think of that?
: The side effect is that I feel better than I ever felt before. If YOU had used a life crystal on yourself, your mind would also be as clear as mine, and you'd see that there is nothing more important than getting these crystals and using them!
: Brink, I think you're wrong. I think we need to be careful.
: These aliens are kind and good, Commander. They have given us a gift.
: Yeah, well, if this is all so perfect, where ARE these aliens?
: Maybe they've moved on to a higher plane of existence.
: Or maybe they're all dead.
: See how badly your brain is working? How could they be dead? They INVENTED these life crystals! Commander, I feel sorry for you. Still tied down by an ordinary mind and ordinary fears. But I feel too good to want to argue with you. Believe what you want. I'm taking as many of these crystals as I can carry.

This basin has an infinite supply of crystals, which is bad news for anyone and anything in this game who wishes to retain their death virginity. There's also a familiar looking canister on the ground.

With that door open, Brink's usefulness has ended. Let's go feed him to the sea monster. We can always revive him later, right?


Can we contact Brink on the radio?

Okay folks, a lot of you have been complaining about this part, calling it the most frustrating puzzle of the game. Time to put you in your place. We've got some sea monster with an appetite for turtle-things that needs dealing with. We've got an explosive canister. ADVENTURE GAME LOGIC TO THE RESCUE.

We've got to reassemble these bones. Left click to pick up, right click to rotate 90 degrees. Each piece you drop snaps into one of the possible places to help you out. The hint was in the fossil in the previous update. On my first playthrough I never saw the fossil, so it's not really needed to complete this puzzle.

And assembled. If you do anything wrong it looks very off.

There's no excuse for Boston to run like this. Turtles give him the jibblies?

What? Hmm, that's what happens if you assemble it wrong. What mistake did I make?

Oh duh, I swapped the ribcage and pelvis looking thing. It's correct now.

Boston places the canister inside the bones.



Note the lack of corpse, or monster gibs. Thus, no reviving the monster.

Alright! Goodies! We've now found two engraved rods with doors that need opened. Plus we really should track down Brink as soon as we can.

Next time - Update 8: The REAL Most Frustrating Puzzle of the Game