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Original Thread: :skooma: is the new :catdrugs: - Let's play Skyrim!



Welcome to Let's Play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

Hi, I'm UZworm and I've only ever played one The Elder Scrolls game, and that's Skyrim. Even though I have been told many times that Oblivion or Morrowind are better games, I stick to my guns because I am:
1. Too broke to buy new video games,
2. A person who knows what he likes, a list that comprises only about 6 video games, and
3. A person who really loves Skyrim independent of anything else.

That's right. Its faults aside, Skyrim is one of my favorite games, and I've spent more hours in it than anyone probably ever should. (We don't want to hear about the games I've spent more on. ((They are mostly Football Manager games.))) Also, it's rare that I play a game I'm not one of the worst players in the world at, so that's refreshing! (Note: This does not mean I am great at Skyrim. I am merely not terrible at Skyrim.)

I have been in a coma for the past 7 years; what is Skyrim?
Skyrim is the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls series. It was originally released in 2011 to solid reception thanks to its open-world gameplay, though I've noticed that the general opinion of it has soured a bit in the past few years among people I know. Maybe it's just me. In the game you play as the Dragonborn, imbued with the blood of a dragon and the powers of The Voice that come with it. You must use those powers to save the world from the evil "World-Eater" Dragon, Alduin.

Or, alternatively, you can tell the main quest to go fuck itself and just fuck around building a house or raiding random caves and keeps. Kill old ladies, get drunk, who gives a fuck? It's open world!

In October of this year, they're releasing a remastered version of it. If this LP is still going on by then, perhaps we'll be among the first to see the magic of the ~new snow shaders~ and ~volumetric god rays~!

What's the plan for this LP?
I plan on doing a straight run-through of the main quest of the game -- you know, that thing that you never completed despite playing 200 hours of the game yourself -- and then following it up with some other fun stuff. That might be mods, side-quests decided by whoever decides those things, perhaps murdering every single inhabitant of Skyrim... sky's the limit!

I might do the Dawnguard or Solstheim quests after just to keep things moderately on track before it devolves into utter chaos, but that's for time to decide. Let's murder us a dragon or two first!

What horrifying mods are you using?
None at the start. This will change after I've done the Main Quest, most likely, especially since I haven't really used many mods before even though I've played so much Skyrim. I'll be just as surprised as you are at some of that shit.

Shut up, Chitlin.

Who will be joining you?
The UZworm Zone holds many people, but the main crew is generally some mix of Highwang, Iron Chitlin, ElTipejoLoco, Killeremcee, Risen, TorpidTypist and Festivore joining me for my adventures.

Who is our intrepid Dragonborn?
I held a few Twitter polls to determine this! Based on those I was going to be a Khajiit Wizard until it was pointed out to me that plenty of Skyrim LPs end up with the person being a wizard, and also that magic in Skyrim is annoying as hell. So I kept the Furry vote (oy) and went with the second most popular option, Kitty Warrior. Meet Mr. Puffles.

He is a very good kitty.

Later on in the LP, we're also introduced to Mr. Puffles' more competent sister, Ms. Puffles.

She's also a very good kitty.

Yeah, general spoilers are okay in this thread; I'm not going to learn anything I don't already know about the game and I'm fairly sure everyone in my co-commentary pool except for Loco has played it too. Try to keep on basic track with where the LP is going, but don't worry about going a bit off-topic.

Update schedule?
Do you KNOW me?

No, but seriously though, I'll be shooting to update this at least once a week sometime near the weekend. Twice a week if I'm feeling saucy!

Play your accord-

Stop with the goddamn Lady Gaga!

Why does the first video of the series look like pickled dog shit?
I'm an idiot who doesn't know how recording software works! The graphical quality of the videos improves immensely after the initial two videos.

The quality of the commentary I can't promise anything on, of course.

Episode 1 - Mr. Puffles' Exposition Quest (Featuring Killeremcee, Highwang, Loco)
Episode 2 - Mr. Puffles Climbs a Hill (Featuring Killeremcee, Highwang, Loco)
Episode 3 - Mr. Puffles' Pretty Cool Gem (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Loco)
Episode 4 - Mr. Puffles Meets a Dragon (Featuring Highwang, Loco)
Episode 5 - Mr. Puffles Gets Trolled (Featuring Highwang, Loco)
Episode 6 - Mr. Puffles in Bandit Crater (Featuring Killeremcee, Highwang, Loco)
Episode 7 - Mr. Puffles, Bard Hater (Featuring Killeremcee, Highwang, Star Man)
Episode 8 - Mr. Puffles' Bread Party (Featuring Killeremcee, Highwang, Star Man)
Episode 9 - Mr. Puffles, Sewer Cat (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Highwang, Star Man)
Episode 10 - Mr. Puffles Finds A Wall (Featuring Star Man, Iron Chitlin)
Episode 11 - Mr. Puffles' Stream Highlights (Featuring Highwang, Killeremcee, Risen, PoX)
Episode 12 - Mr. Puffles' Wall of Text (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Loco, Festivore)
Episode 13 - Mr. Puffles, Rated PG-13 (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Loco, Festivore)
Episode 14 - Mr. Puffles Goes To ALF-Land (Featuring TorpidTypist, Loco, Festivore, Risen)
Episode 15 - Mr. Puffles in Glitch City (Featuring TorpidTypist, Loco, Festivore, Risen)
Episode 16 - Mr. Puffles, Master Tactician (Featuring TorpidTypist, Loco, Festivore, Risen)
Episode 17 - Mr. Puffles' Very Long Day (Featuring TorpidTypist, Festivore, Risen, Loco kinda)
Episode 18 - Mr. Puffles Beats the Game (Featuring TorpidTypist, Festivore, Risen)

Episode 19 - Mr. Puffles, Master Detective (Featuring TorpidTypist, Loco, Summoboomo)

Episode 20 - Mr. Puffles Unearths a Waifu (Featuring Highwang, Festivore, TheGentleChainsaw)
Episode 21 - Mr. Puffles Rejects a Dracula (Featuring Highwang, Festivore, TheGentleChainsaw)
Episode 22 - Mr. Puffles Needs More Scrolls (Featuring Highwang, TorpidTypist, Star Man)
Episode 23 - Mr. Puffles?! *Pumps Shotgun* (Featuring Highwang, TorpidTypist, Star Man, Star Man's shotgun)
Episode 24 - Mr. Puffles' Credit Card (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Festivore, TorpidTypist)
Episode 25 - Mr. Puffles' New Jump Cuts (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Festivore, TorpidTypist)
Episode 26 - Mr. Puffles Reads Some Scrolls (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Festivore, Risen)
Episode 27 - Mr. Puffles, Spelunking Dirty (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Festivore, Risen / Feat. Chamillionaire, Krazie Bone
Episode 28 - Mr. Puffles Goes for a Hike (Featuring Iron Chitlin, Festivore, Risen)
Episode 29 - Mr. Puffles' Crystal Caves (Featuring TorpidTypist, Risen, Festivore)
Episode 30 - Mr. Puffles Beats Castlevania (Featuring TorpidTypist, Risen, Festivore)

Episode 31 - Ms. Puffles Saves the Children (Featuring Highwang, Loco, Festivore)
Episode 32 - Ms. Puffles Kills the Homeless (Featuring Highwang, Loco, Festivore)
Episode 33 - Ms. Puffles' Arrow Physics (Featuring Highwang, Risen, Lolo de Puzlo)
Episode 34 - Ms. Puffles' Dialogue Dump (Featuring Highwang, Risen, Lolo de Puzlo)
Episode 35 - Ms. Puffles Spoils a Party (Featuring Highwang, Risen, Lolo de Puzlo)
Episode 36 - Ms. Puffles Kills This Dude (Featuring Highwang, Risen, Lolo de Puzlo)
Episode 37 - Ms. Puffles in the Dark Fuckerhood (Featuring TorpidTypist, Risen, Festivore)
Episode 38 - Ms. Puffles Kills Some Old Guy (Featuring TorpidTypist, Risen, Festivore)

Bonus Video 1 - Goat
Mr. Puffles' Stream Adventure: Part 1 (With Killeremcee, Risen, PoX, Highwang)
Mr. Puffles' Stream Adventure: Part 2 (With the same fuckers)
Million Quests - Lady Gaga parody
Jora - Lady Gaga parody
ME-OW - Lady Gaga parody
Stream Highlight - Mr. Puffles, Flaming Doorjam
Stream Highlight - Mr. Puffles Kills Farmer, Dragon, Priest

* SkyUI - Makes several minor changes to the game's UI, including a much more streamlined menu system.
* Pretty Cool Gem mod (Made by Risen) - Changes all instances of Petty Soul Gems to Pretty Cool Gems.
* Majora's Mask Moon - Mod only works like half of the time for some reason, but it changes the moon to the Majora's Mask moon.


FrozenCherry gives our friend the Pretty Cool Gem an artist's touch!

Lizard Wizard shows a rendition of Mr. Puffles' first meeting with a Frost Troll.

ultrabindu gives a succinct shot of our encounter with our least favorite bard.

Greenfinger finally fulfills that first request from Video 1 or 2 or whatever it was.

Fish Noise documents Mr. Puffles' many dislikes (though he does take coffee with his bread).

Silversatyr screenshots my usual contributions to battles.

Ultrabindu shows us the most popular breakfast choice of Nords everywhere.

Look man, I just really love the new Lady Gaga album, okay?

Ultrabindu adds another of Mr. Puffles' classic albums into the mix.

Ultrabindu finally found the Orc Fuckin' book for Chitlin!

Our commentary would be far improved with John Madden, as Ultrabindu knows.

The Your True Love Test proves what Star Man and the rest of the thread already knew.

Ultrabindu is fine with the King of Blood, none of that overpriced hipster "craft blood" shit coming out of Valenwood.

Current Vote going in the thread

Previous votes
Imperials defeated the Stormcloaks to win Mr. Puffles' loyalty!
Marcurio took down three other potential partners to win the right to be by Mr. Puffles' side during his adventures!
Because we're nice people all of a sudden, we decided to not kill Paarthurnax!
Windstad Manor was chosen as the homestead for Mr. Puffles' Skyrim living!
I can't believe Cicero is fucking dead.
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