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The Emperor's New Groove

by mateo360

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Original Thread: Back in the Groove. Let's Finish Emperor's New Groove



Let's Finish?

About a year ago, more or less, I was doing an Emperor's New Groove LP for the Disney Games Megathread. Unfortunately during the LP, my Youtube account had received two copyright strikes and in an effort to keep a hold on my account, I bowed out of LPing and deleted everything on my channel. I did however keep most of my finished videos on my video editing hard drive for when I decided I wanted to get back into it. ENG even though incomplete was on of the sets I kept.

Are you still 100% the game?

Yes and No. I am playing off the same file that I was using for the Disney thread... that I had already finished 100%ing when I was gathering the footage. Since I didn't keep any of the unedited footage from the first run I had to record more. In an effort to get back to this sooner (and keep my sanity because fuck 100%ing all the auto scroll levels again) I will not be going out of my way to 100% the levels in the videos. I will however still be showing off all the secrets and if I can point out where any coins I missed during recording are. Really though I believe this only applies to about 3 or 4 levels overall

The audio/video/editing mistake in one of the episodes between 1 and 17 is still present.
As stated before, I no longer have any of the unedited footage for the episodes that were (or were going to be) posted in the Disney thread. So things I know of like Aces audio being a little hard to hear in episode one of the Credits caption that scrolls on the screen at the beginning of Episode 6 I can't do anything about outside of scraping everything and starting over.

Aces High will still be Co-commentator for this LP


Chapter 1-1 Village
Chapter 1-2 Village
Chapter 1-3 Village
Chapter 1-4 Village
Chapter 2-1 Jungle Night
Chapter 2-2 Jungle Night
Chapter 2-3 Jungle Night
Chapter 3-1 River
Chapter 3-2 River
Chapter 3-3 River
Chapter 3-4 River
Chapter 4-1 Jungle Day
Chapter 4-2 Jungle Day
Chapter 4-3 Jungle Day
Chapter 5-1 Mountain (This was the last video posted in the Disney Games Thread before my account purge)
Chapter 5-2 Mountain
Chapter 5-3 Mountain (This was that last video completed before the purge. everything from here is new)
Chapter 6-1 City
Chapter 6-2 City
Chapter 6-3 City
Chapters 7-1 &7-2 Catacombs
Chapters 7-3, 7-4 & 7-5 Catacombs
Chapter 8-1 Lab
Chapters 8-2 & 8-3 Lab
Chapter 8-4 Lab
Chapter 8-5 Lab
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