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The Fifth Element

by Phenwah

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Original Thread: The Besson game you'll ever Luc at! Let's Play The Fifth Element



The Fifth Element is a 1998 third-person action-adventure game developed for the Playstation by Kalisto Entertainment (Nightmare Creatures, Fury of the Furries) and published by Activision (Apocalypse, Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style). Following along with the events of the 1997 film, players assume the roles of Korben Dallas and Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat on a mission to gather up four ancient stones and save the world from Absolute Evil.

Get in your hover-taxi and buckle up, because this game is primed to explode -- this is the ride.

I'm Phenwah, joined once again by Lobst and DemoWeasel. Welcome to The Fifth Element!

Note: this game uses solely footage and dialogue from the film for its cutscenes, and we're going to be talking over them. If you haven't seen the film, you'll probably get lost pretty quickly, as the game makes very little effort to fill in the gaps between story beats. Also, it's a genuinely good piece of entertainment and worth a watch on its own.


01: NucleolabYouTube
02: NYPDYouTube
03: Escape From NYPD + TutorialYouTube
04: Cornelius (K)YouTube
05: Cornelius (L)YouTube
06: Zorg's HQ (L)YouTube
07: Zorg's HQ (K)YouTube
08: Escape From Zorg's HQYouTube
09: Depths of N.Y. (K)YouTube
10: Depths of N.Y. (L)YouTube
11: The Factory (K)YouTube
12: The Factory (L)YouTube
13: Astroport (K)YouTube
14: Astroport (L)YouTube
15: Call From ZorgYouTube
16: Fhloston Flight (K)YouTube
17: Fhloston Flight (L)YouTube
18: Fhloston Paradise (K)YouTube
19: Fhloston Paradise (L)YouTube
20: Machine Room (K)YouTube
21: Machine Room (L)YouTube
22: Free CorneliusYouTube
23: Bomb Alert (K)YouTube
24: Bomb Alert (L)YouTube
25: Egyptian Temple (L)YouTube
26: Egyptian Temple (K)YouTube
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