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Original Thread: The wheels on society Come Right Off! Let's Play The Final Station!



Aw yeah, great idea!

Bacter, why are we on this train?
This, friends, is the Let's Play The Final Station Train! We're here because I wish it, and because you've willingly entered THE BACTER ZONE!

Alright, what's The Final Station?
The final station is a dreamlike game about driving a train, the world falling apart, and you trying to do your job and save some of it.

Dreamlike, huh? This another one of those games with a Mystery Plot?
Oh the plot's straightforward enough. But the game is more about how you react to it, and how you feel. You'll see when we get there.

Pretty cagey.
Well, it's a game better experienced than dissected, at least beforehand. I'll have lots more to say as we go.

Viewer interaction?
Not for the first part. There will be when we hit the DLC.

That's it for now, enjoy!


GirlCalledBob posted:

Can we get a little info on what you have to do during the train journeys? Looks like you have to keep an eye on a couple of things, maybe, but it's kind of hard to follow when there's no explanation at all. I get that you want to keep the atmosphere going, but a short rundown of the mechanics would be neat.

Right on. There are basically three things to do in the train:

Red = minigame
Blue = passengers
Yellow = terminal

Every time you take a train ride, there will be exactly one minigame active. You can tell which one, because sparks are coming out of it. They are all super simple (except one later that I had a hard time with. It's really simple, but I had no idea how to interact with it until I broke the train). Basically the goal of every minigame is to make the number go to 0. The number indicates how much additional power the train is using, and depending on what you're carrying and the stage, you will have some number usually ~7-8 extra units of power. If the number goes above that, the train stops and you have to fix it before you start moving again. It makes the train ride longer, which in turn demands more resources to keep your passengers alive. Bad news!

The left-most mini game is just "make sure you pull this lever every so often". Other ones make you look for one mismatches between several displays, and press buttons to correct them. In the beginning, I REALLY thought they were going to start having multiple parts broken as you progressed, upping the frantic challenge, but no, it's only ever one broken per trip. I wonder if that was the original plan? Ah well.


Passengers talk to each other, and if you're close enough (and not distracted with mini-games) you can hear them talk. That's not necessary, but it's nice for world-building. Every passenger has hunger and health. Every passenger's hunger continually drains (except for a short break after they're fed). When hunger is at 0, their health starts to drain. When health is at 0, they instantly die and can't be revived. A passenger that's "wounded" will also get the "bleeding" effect. This means their health drains regardless of hunger. They'll need to be given food like regular AND medkits to temporarily stop the bleeding.

Passengers need food to replenish hunger and medkits if they get unhealthy enough. Each are in VERY limited supply. You get a bonus for getting passengers through a level (their fare), and you drop all passengers at every level end. That means you can roll into the end of the level with very sick and hungry passengers and it's fine, but if you misjudge and enter into a train section with an almost-dead passenger from last time, they can die before you get them a medkit.


The terminal has the map (you never need to check it, but there's nice lore about the stations), a texting function (as far as I can tell, you can't ever initiate a conversation with another driver, though sometimes they will text you), the crafting station, where you can make medkits and bullets, and a power gauge, where you can see how close to overloading the train is. That's totally useless - just check the minigame on your own to make sure it doesn't overheat.

When you get to your destination, a lever pulls down and you yank on it to end that train section.

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