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by Crosspeice, Dirty Deeds Done

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Original Thread: This holiday season... YERRRRRRRR GRINCHED! (vlp)



The Grinch: The Movie: The Game was released for the PS1, Dreamcast and PC in tandem with the commercially successful Grinch movie in December 2000, as well as being remade for the DS in 2007. Whilst the movie did very well, mainly due to Jim Carrey's performance, the game... not so much. Mainly because it has very little to do with the movie itself and it's one of those action platformers that were all the rage back in the day. And also because it wasn't that good.

That does not mean this is a bad game. It's not great, but, well, being a tie-in video game to a movie is never a good start, but there was definitely some care put into it. Well, sometimes, it's very obvious this game did not have a budget. Like, at all. But we all know who the Grinch is! It probably sold some copies on that alone, never mind the actual mechanics or how it plays.

This won't be a 100% LP, because that is a terrible thing, but I will do all the missions and basically show off as much as possible in time for the finale on Christmas Day. However, for your enjoyment, I have suffered to get my own 100% file, which will be a bonus video on Boxing Day. Joining me, as always, is the grumpy scrooge, Dirty Deeds Done. So what better way to spend the holidays, then to ruin it for everyone else?

Merry June Christmas everyone! Since it's the most wonderful time of the year, it's time to do the most wonderful game of 2007. It's an action-packed game full of mystery and intrigue as you play the Grinch going through numerous levels and locales to ruin Christmas for the Whos. After all, it has been 7 years since the PS1 game, so I'm expecting a much larger scope and plenty of mechanics in this game. It'll be sure to impress!

Joining me for this festive fun is my Keen co-commentator Dirty Deeds Done. Hope you all have a lovely time with this lovely game.

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