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The Legend of Zelda: Master of Time

by FPzero, Artix, ChaosArgate, poorlywrittennovel

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Original Thread: Goku's Midlife Time Crisis - Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: Master of Time



After finishing Nimpize Adventure last year, I had a desire to do more Ocarina of Time romhacks. I wanted to see what would happen if someone wasn't limited by the original game's maps and dungeons, and made more unique content like the overworlds and mini-dungeons in Nimpize. The only problem was...there weren't really any other Ocarina of Time romhacks. At least, not good ones, or ones long enough to be worth devoting an LP to. So I kept the idea in the back of my head and moved on for a while.

Fast forward to Summer 2020, and a person named doncamillo released a brand new Ocarina of Time hack, promising a completely new world, a continuation of the plot started with Ocarina and Majora's Mask, at least 20 hours of playtime, and more. Naturally, I completely missed out on its release but eventually I heard about the hack. I took a quick look at the trailer, a few screenshots, updated my Project 64 installation, grabbed a few of my friends, and set out to explore another Ocarina of Time romhack. Welcome, everyone, to The Legend of Zelda: Master of Time.


This is a Blind LP! If you have played or watched the game before please do not spoil or allude to future events in any way! None of us are familiar with the game beyond a basic level, so in keeping with the spirit of discovery, don't tell us anything about the hack.

We're recording these videos while also streaming them on my Twitch channel, much like we did Nimpize Adventure. This means that occasionally we'll reference or talk to the people watching in chat, but a chat window will not be visible. I'll also be letting the thread know when we stream new episode recording sessions, so that anyone interested in catching the streams can watch.

Joining me on this adventure will be Artix, ChaosArgate and PoorlyWritten in permanent co-commentator positions, and some other friends of mine at random. They will be sure to help guide me through this game filled with verticality, 3D platforming, milk conspiracies, opaque water, and lots of theft (of our own doing we are the thief).

*Probably spoilers for the LP*

Procrastine shows us how the sausage is made.

Why is Procrastine so thirsty?

Leal reveals the skeleton's curse...
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