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The Manhole

by Bacter

Part 1

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UP. I jolted upright. I spent an idiotic moment feeling for my nightstand, assuming that I had woken from a sleep. Instead, I felt sandy earth under my fingers. I gingerly opened my eyes and pushed myself upright. My head was still spinning from the phantasmagoria I had just seen, but at least this landscape was staying consistent.

Not that it was exactly what I had in mind.

In front of me I saw a manhole, wide enough to accommodate a grown man of about my size, and from it were growing leaves. They first looked like they were flapping in a breeze, but peering at them more closely made their wiggling seem repulsive - like tendrils of some beast that had been crushed beneath the manhole cover.

The ground was utterly bare except for a bristly shock of green growing near the dripping fire hydrant. It occurred to me that I could get a drink of water from the hydrant, if I trusted the water around here, to sate of of my thirst. I realized that the manhole cover was also loose. I sat for a while, and thought, hard.

Did I lift the manhole cover or did I get a drink from the hydrant?

I felt a vague sense that whichever option I picked, there was likely no easy return to where I was now.

Special end of update note: I don't wish by any means to slight the creators of this game, so here is the unaltered opening credits!