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The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

by Outlaw Moogle, Jacobus Spades

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Original Thread: Miss Tron, Miss Tron! Let's Play the Misadventures of Tron Bonne!


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From the not-so-brilliant minds of Let's Play Sin & Punishment, it's Let Play The Misadventures of Tron Bonne! Watch and listen as Jacobus Spades and I delve deep into the little known spin-off of the Megaman Legends series released in 2000. The game (obviously) stars Tron Bonne, the female pirate and rival of Megaman Trigger, as she tries to work off her big brother Tiesel Bonne's debt to the horny loan shark Loathe. Joined by her 40 adorable and often unreliable Servbots, Tron is sure to have some wacky adventures full of bank robberies, crab stealing, and piggies!

This game is unique for having three types of gameplay styles:
Shooting levels where you use the Gustaff (Tron's mecha) to rob buildings and shoot foes.
Puzzle levels where you use the Gustaff Tank to maneuver cargo containers back to your boat in a limited amount of turns.
Exploration levels where the Servbots do the majority of the work for you by interacting with other NPCs and disabling traps.

On top of the three type of mission there is also a ton of management of the 40 different Servbots as you can increase their three different stat fields and develop their special abilities. Because this is too boring to watch in a video LP thread, I will be detailing my interaction with the Servbots in written Captain Logs.

I'll be trying to keep a TThS update schedule with these videos, but I have a job and (sometimes) a life so nothing is set in stone. If I can't get something out I'll be sure to post the status on it.


Episode 01 - Astro GlydeGameplayCutscene
Episode 02 - Grand Theft Furry HospitalGameplayCutscene
Episode 03 - Meat Stuffed BoxGameplay Cutscene
Episode 04 - Gaia's AnusGameplayCutscene
Episode 05 - Let's Play Phantom Hourglass?Gameplay
Episode 06 - Panties Aged Like CheeseGameplayCutscene
Episode 07 - Cybernetic Reaverbots of Christmas PastGameplayCutscene
Episode 08 - What Game?Gameplay
Episode 09 - Did We Win?GameplayCutscene
Episode 10 - Do Pigs Bite?GameplayCutscene
Episode 11 - Sart Farm RockGameplayCutscene
Episode 12 - Damn You, JohnGameplayCutscene
Episode 13 - Gotta Catch 'Em All, MexicansGameplayCutscene
Episode 14 - HippobotGameplay
Episode 15 - Plan 0024GameplayCutscene
Episode 16 - The Final MissionGameplayCutscene

Bonus Videos

Bonus Video 1 - Attack TrainingViddler
Bonus Video 2 - Speed TrainingViddler
Bonus Video 3 - Torture RoomViddler
Bonus Video 4 - CasinoViddler
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