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The Pink Panther Learning Adventures

by SelenicMartian

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Original Thread: My Panther Went To Egypt And All He Brought Me Was This Crummy T-Shirt!



But look, the Spanish title rhymes!

Secret Agent Pink Panther is setting off on a globe-trotting adventure because of whiny spoiled children.

He is going to learn about assassination attmepts, burial rites, dictators and more - all by talking to colourful characters, and reading the game's built-in encyclopaedia.

Like a true American, Pink mocks local customs and commits sacrilege every step of the way.


PtP has a sequel, Hocus Pocus Pink, but it's missing the best character from this game, it's partially rhyming, and completely insane (borderline Dementia levels, released the same year). Although, it's amusing to see a kids game teach about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Anyways, off we go:

The sequel, Hokus Pokus Pink, is even more terrifying and poorly designed.

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