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The Political Machine 2016

by TheMcD

Part 3: - Political Opportunities

Alright, looks like we have a winner!

Michelle Obama:     IIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Jim Webb:           IIIIIIIIIIII
Joe Biden:          IIIIIIIII
Barack Obama:       IIIIIIII
Martin O'Malley:    III
Lincoln Chafee:     II
Al Franken:         II
Michael Bloomberg:  I
Al Gore:            I
So Zodiac Killer will be going up against Michelle Obama in our 2016 election! Now, I need to start that game and grab some numbers for you to look at, so before we get to that, I need one more question answered regarding gameplay behavior.

Political Opportunities: This game has something it calls "political opportunities". Essentially, they're question marks that pop up in a state, and the first one that gets to that state gets the reward, be it beneficial or not. So, for instance, you could get somebody that reduces the cost of ad buys in a particular state, which is great! You could get somebody that increases fundraising revenue in a particular state, which is also sweet! You could get somebody who modifies all your issue ratings in a random direction, which is... "neutral", I guess? It can be both beneficial and not at the same time, really. Alternatively, you could get hit with a lawsuit that just automatically drains funds from your treasury, which is horrible. Or you could get hit with the "time waster", an ancient crone of a politician that just jabbers on for so long your entire stamina gets drained and your turn is wasted. Now, there's a way you can see whether they're positive or not, but I don't know how it works. It revolves around building a particular building, but I never worked out how to make it work for me consistently. If I do get to see that one is positive, I'll immediately nab it, and if I see that it isn't, I'll ignore it. What I need from you is some instruction on what I should do with the neutral ones. We have two options:

A) Immediately go for it. This means that on turns with political opportunities, you'll have one less stamina point to work with, as I'll immediately grab that opportunity before the AI gets a chance to get it. This might cause us to lose a turn or something similarly bad, so on your head be it. On the other hand, a good opportunity falling into the opponent's hands could be a gamechanger...
B) Wait and see. This means that on turns with political opportunities, I will see if the opponent takes it, and if not, I'll tell you and you make the decision on a per-case basis. This allows more control, but the AI will always get dibs, which might not be to your liking.