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Original Thread: How do you make a Nazi cross? Let's Play The Saboteur!


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Pandemic Studios was a developer with a number of successful and high-profile titles to their name, including Full Spectrum Warrior and its sequel Ten Hammers, Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel, and the first two games of the Destroy All Humans series. It's probably most associated, though, with the Mercenaries series, a pair of open-world games centering around explosions of exponentially greater scale and destruction untethered by the yoke of concepts like 'rules of engagement' or 'civilian casualties'.

In November 2009 Pandemic Studios was on the verge of releasing a title called The Saboteur, an open-world action game that had been in development for the prior two years. It was given high praise at E3 2009 for its unique aesthetic, inspired by films noir, as well as its rather unorthodox setting of Nazi-occupied Paris and its story based on the real-life exploits of Anglo-French race driver and SOE agent William Grover-Williams.

However, on November 17th Electronic Arts - who had acquired Pandemic the year before - laid off the bulk of Pandemic's employees and closed the studio, citing the skyrocketing costs of supporting its California-based studios. Two weeks later, EA released The Saboteur, to a mildly positive but mostly disappointed reception, with much criticism being applied to the ridiculous story, goofy voice acting, uneven graphics and awkward mechanics.

Make no mistake, most of the criticism leveled at Saboteur is valid, but perhaps Pandemic's greatest legacy for the game is that the bad never stops you from pressing on to find more of the good. Like Mercs 2, as long as you don't take it seriously, you should have a grand old time blowing up fuel depots, knocking down speaker towers, stealth-shivving Nazi generals, racing around the French countryside, playing an honest-to-God Duck Hunt, and driving gargantuan, twin-cannoned Nazi doom tanks.

Also the packaged DLC enables bare boobies. If you're into that sort of thing, the game's Midnight Club DLC comes with the option to have some of the cabaret girls walk around with bare breasts. This, and the fact that all characters in the game curse like sailors, plus that whole death and destruction thing, means that the videos of this LP are mostly .

So, without further , Let's Play The Saboteur!



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