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The Sexy Brutale

by dscruffy1

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Original Thread: This Casino Makes A Killing. Let's Play The Sexy Brutale!



What is this?
The Sexy Brutale is a bit of a murder mystery game that came out in April 2017. It runs a little chunky in spots, maybe not the best optimization, but it is rather charming! Playing as somewhat of a mix between Ghost Trick and Majora's Mask, the game follows the fate of ten guests at the titular casino during the annual masquerade ball. Things don't seem quite right however, what with the staff killing off the guests and all. Over the course of 12 repeating hours, we'll discover the truth behind the murders and the Full-House Staff, and hopefully save a few lives along the way. What has happened at the Sexy Brutale? Who is the bloodied woman? And where is the Marquis in all this?

Since this game is extremely story based and there's a lot going on, I'm planning on doing a subtitled LP. I'll try to keep my commentary minimal to explain things and otherwise let the game speak for itself. It's my first time going about that so if anything is unclear or needs fixing, please let me know. Generally I'll be following the victim(s) around to show their movements. Then I'll follow the murderer to see how they've done it. Finally we'll figure out how to prevent their untimely demise.

The game is not very long but it is extremely story based. Don't spoil anything if you know what's coming up.


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