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Original Thread: Play with life. - Let's Play "The Sims 2" (PS2) [VLP]



Let's Play The Sims 2

The Sims 2 (PS2) is a very different game from its PC parent, but it's still got a lot in common. It features strange pseudo-humans living out their tiny lives in square lots while you play god, making or breaking their love, aspirations, and sanity. If you want them to succeed, it's essentially a time-management game, forcing you to balance their relationships and hobbies with their job to keep them from breaking down and crying in the bathroom. It can be surprisingly difficult.

Why are you LPing The Sims though?

As already said, it's very different. It has a “Story Mode”, similar to the main mode in previous console iterations. The original had “Get a Life” mode, Bustin' Out had... “Bust Out” mode, and so on. The idea was to provide a mission-based structure to draw in players more used to linear gameplay, but give them room to fulfill the missions however they want. It sounds like a marketing tactic to tap into the console market, but hey, it worked on me.

Why this one in particular?

While the other console Sims games had a similar structure, this one has something unique to it: Direct Control. No cursor, no zoomed out overhead view, no queued actions, just move the guy around yourself and interact with everything yourself. While I understand this may alienate some fans of the series, the original cursor-based control method is still available, so don't be a baby. I personally greatly prefer direct input. The goals are also more varied than those in Urbz, Bustin' Out, and the original Sims. The game is still ludicrously repetitive, mind you, but it's less so.

How's this LP gonna work?

Most -and I do mean most- of the LP is going to be done in an overview format. Talking about every action and detail for every day would be rather excessive, and not fit for my style of Let's Play at all. Instead I'm going to outline the path I take through the game, and we'll see how it turns out. I don't take this approach often.



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