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Original Thread: A man walks into The Space Bar and says to the insectoid bartender...



What is this?

The Space Bar is a sci-fi adventure game that was released in 1997. It follows detective Alias Node as he searches for a shapeshifting killer inside The Thirsty Tentacle, a fantastical bar on the planet Armpit VI before the escape on the next shuttle out of there. The gameplay is non-linear but it does have a time limit, so we can solve the puzzles in any order that we want to but if we don't find the killer in time we automatically lose the game. Alias is trained in "Empathy Telepathy" (the manual also calls this "emp-tel"), which means if we talk to a character long enough and engage them on an emotional level, we can trigger a flashback and relive those memories through the character's eyes.

To give you more of a background about this game:


The Space Bar was conceived and directed by Steve Meretzky, a former Infocom employee who had previously created titles such as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Meretzky hoped to design a graphic adventure in the spirit of text-based interactive fiction games, and to recapture that genre's breadth and level of interactivity. The Space Bar began development at Boffo Games in May 1995 under publisher Rocket Science Games, whose co-founder Ron Cobb—designer of the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars—served as the game's art director and concept artist. Its 18-month production was troubled, and Rocket Science went bankrupt before the game's release. The Space Bar was ultimately launched by publisher SegaSoft in July 1997, several months after its completion.


The game had initially been pursued by other publishers, including Microsoft and Viacom New Media; the latter had offered to implement it with the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine license.

This is a game that I played a lot when I was younger but never completed as this game is notoriously hard. I have no idea how it's going to hold up nowadays but I guess that's something that we will find out together.

LP details

This is a game from my youth that I absolutely loved dicking around in but was never able to complete. I'm not even sure that I'm going to be able to complete it now as there isn't a definitive guide anywhere for this game so I'm going to have to rely on what help there is available as well as trying to think for myself. I'm playing the game and writing my own walkthrough at the same time. This is going to be a VLP and I will be recording commentary during the recording. I aim to upload at least one video a week, but there may be more depending on how busy real life is.

Let's Play: The Space Bar

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