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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

by Fleve

Part 6: Drowned Horrors

There’s a jump-scare in here, but I’m terrible at acting scared, so I didn’t.

To be honest, the first time you get down there and hear and see something threatening move around, after all the time of building up tension, you freak the fuck out. But once you’ve experienced it, you’re automatically a whole lot more blasé about the whole thing and you can’t really go back to not-knowing. It’s kind of like the FedEx arrow, or how you dread a rollercoaster before, but never after the first few spins.

Solving the death of Missy gets us the achievement Anger. The other puzzle just gives a descriptive achievement, "The Curse of the Sea-Thing. The Cursed World".

Stories, Texts, and Articles

He is not dead but eternal lie.
The god of strange aeons cannot die.
We open the gate, the gate of old.
Its guardian eyes have long grown cold.
The name of our god: our truth, our key.
He is that which is, which should not be.

The Enochian Necronomicon! The iron-ore miners had finally found it! But not all of them wanted to perform its ritual and summon the sea-thing Gnaiih. One miner realized the ritual would unleash Gnaiih’s flood upon this world. And so the miner had no choice but to stab the others with shards of magick Eltdown. Gnaiih, in response, cursed the miner, who now wanders the mine, doomed to prevent others from summoning the sea-thing and flooding the world forever.


Dear Mr. Carter,

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has received your January 27, 1973, letter requesting “further explanation” as to why your recently submitted patent 527F2d was rejected by this office. As we explained in our previous letter, the patent was rejected for infringing upon a previously existing patent.

We have on record from you more than four dozen requested patents submitted in the last sixteen months. None has been successful, and all have been met with challenges by you. Mr. Carter, we would like to consider this matter, and future matters, administratively closed.

James Maki
Administrative Director

Dale: GET YOUR SHIT OUT OF OUR BASEMENT. BRING IT TO THE GODDAMN DUMP. I am so sick of stepping over your lifetime of failure on my way to the washing machine. I’m not kidding. Either you move it or I burn it. - - M