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Part 24: Intermediate Update: What If I Lost.

Intermediate Update: What If I Lost.

So first of all, here's the Blade Art we earned from winning the shadow plunge. It's our first Step 2 Blade Art. We have all the Step 1s too, equipped even. But Step 2 Blade Arts cost 2 strides to slot up, so we'd have to unslot two Step 1's to use this. Not really worth it yet, especially when we don't even have all the slots filled up.

My repeated attempts to lose the shadow plunge on purpose go.... poorly
Even after unequipping all Rhues blade arts and doing risk attack cross sweeps non stop (weakest risk attack bonus, vs the attack with best risk attack bonus if it wins the rock paper scissors)

So I resort to this. Loading the default save...

Uhm. You'll notice this mode has some more arrows.

Also, something I want to impress on you all. Lun is usually very consistent about using different sprites for different swords. Strangely, this doesn't carry over to the plunge sprites but otherwise, it still has the black hilt when sheathed on his back. It's even missing from his back for this sequence.

The default save stats are ATROCIOUS, especially the DT. While it looks like it's three plunge behind our current, the save comes with a Lyn Rock so he's only two behind.

Lots, lots more arrows. Plus the ladder is ready made for us.

Even without pulling the switches, the water doesn't push you down at all. And Rhue can hold his breath for 10 minutes.

Thanks Lun.

The nonfunctional rock is SPROINGY on this mode.

Anyway, NOW Rhue can lose. I still have to do it rather deliberately by unslotting all blade arts, since its an even match now, rather than a one-sided victory for either party.
The only thing keeping Rhue from winning still is this saves frankly horrible HP.

And uhh... it shoots a beam at the Shadow Plunger.

Who starts flashing and then explodes, same as if you defeated him.

Rhue never questions the odd things that happen around him for very long (Intentional character trait... I think.)

Also it's really easy to mess up the small cutscene showing the watching ?PHANTOM SLASHER? at the bridge where you meet Traziun again merely by walking too far up which causes the camera to get stuck there, even when you leave.

the end