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Part 25: Episode 3: Part 8: Kloe's Fucked Up Life.

Episode 3: Part 8: Kloe's Fucked Up Life.

I know I said I'd do the rest of Episode 3 in one update, but I changed my damn mind, because there was both a natural end point and I forgot how long some scenes were.

So, you can see the majority of Matalan in this one screenshot. It's just a wall around a courtyard with a couple small buildings on the side, and one large one dominating the north side.

The BGM of Matalan is midi version of Zombie by The Cranberries.

There's arrows pointing at obvious things... Also I got stuck on this tile after going down the stairs. Reload!

Inside the only one of the smaller buildings we can enter we get some deets on Blood Lyn life.

9th Pool?

Why don't I explain this one. Pools are composed of seven Blood Lyn who are age 15 to 16.
For one year they live together in a hall such as this one and compete in various ways against other halls on the grounds.

BLOOD LYN: Yes, and here at Matalan we only have two halls. East and West.

The number of competing halls is always an even number like 2, 4, or 6. This is because at the end of the year everyone involved is assigned a blood brother or blood sisted. Usually a blood brethern (SIC) is chosen from a hall that you competed against.
And your blood breathern (SIC) is always of the opposite sex.
So there are always three girls and four boys, or four girls and three boys in a pool.

How interesting, I wonder why.

I suppose the Blana Sera feel that men and women complete one another.
Moving on upstairs...

... There's nothing interesting except for the stairs down on the other side.

With a chair blocking Rhue from claiming a LYN ROCK, can you solve this fiendish puzzle?

After this, I go back outside.

He had spikey black hair?

BLOOD LYN: That's what I said.

Tell me, is this man still around?

BLOOD LYN: No, I saw him leave with his girlfriend a little while ago.

Did he say where he was headed?

BLOOD LYN: Estrana. There is going to be a huge tournament there in a few days. I'm sure he intends to win it.

(It has to be that punk who dumped me into the pits...)

(And now he has a girlfriend?)
(What kind of girl would want to be with such a big jerk? She must be a real putz whoever she is.)
So, sounds like Strata is the rarest variety of petty, arrogant, smug, jackass criminal. The kind who can back up their bark with their bite. But can he stand up to the Power of a Protagonist?

If you talk to the same Blood Lyn again, he now mentions he's been looking for the treasure of Lossus. Rhue asks what that is, and he explains Lossus is a Blood Lyn from Matalan who contracted out to the 'Contrapossi' in Estrana.

Aaaaaand before Lossus left he gave a speech saying he left a great treasure behind for anyone who could find it.

Now we talk to the Blood Lyn he was talking to.

BLOOD LYN: Hey, aren't you kind of young to be a free Blood Lyn?

Yea, what can I say? I'm good.

And in the corner up here, hidden away...

An easy bl-- barrel puzzle!

Shame we can't absorb the two Lyn Rocks this episode.

Outside again...


Hey, this will be perfect. I can teach you about Link Attacks and then you can try them out against this guy.


Link attacks allow you to increase your chances of using a particular blade art.
This is done by "linking" your 3 attacks (Cross Sweep, Lunge Cut, Drop Slash) to one of your eight slots for blade arts.

Then Traziun walks us how to do that.

Fuck if I know either.

"If you want to increase your chanced of using that blade use the arrow keys to select it. You will notice two numbers on top of the blade art rectangle.
The number on the far left is the amount of FP required to attempt the link attack. Everytime you attempt to use a link attack, the FP required to use it again goes up by 1.
This continues until the FP needed reaches 10. At this point, the FP requirement will return to 1."

Wonderful. What does that other number mean?

That number represents the % chance you have of successfully performing the link attack.

Wow, 5%. Could link attacks be more practical?

Easy on the sarcasm. That number just represents the base chance.
If you choose the right attack, (Drop Slash vs. Cross Sweep etc.) that number will be modified.

How much will it be modified?

You will get twice the amount of your Critical Hit% added to the base chance.

An extra 6 or 8 percent chance? That's still not very good. I'd barely have a 10% chance of succeeding.
Hey now Rhue, that's the same as a 19-20 critical threat range.

Don't worry, you'll be able to increase your max link% by finding Cross Stones, Lunge Stones, and Drop Stones.
Anyway Traziun demonstrates that pulling off a link attack makes either participant flash blue and a particular sound effect will play.

You know, I think I'd be better off just saving up my FP for a finishing manuever (SIC. Okay this is the american spelling, but still.). Link attacks suck.

They're tough to get started on, but you'll learn their value soon enough.
Now I'd better let you two get started.

This is a dull and easy plunge. He doesn't get off any blade arts, he doesn't say anything, and he's easy.

And this is the only reward we get.

So with that all out of the way... Let's head inside the big main building.

"I am Hylo, servant of the Blana Sera. I will assist you to your quarters whenever you are ready."
We tell him we're ready and he leads Rhue and Traziun away, and we cut to...


We get to briefly control Kloe in this section, as she walks though pairs of guards that make way for her.

Now, strange speech sound files accompany the Blana Sera's lines. IIRC they're actual english dialogue thats been slowed down AND reversed. But even if you undo that, a fair amount of it is still left unintelligible.

"You have failed your task.
You have done well to come to this place. Now child, close your eyes.
Just relax. We see everything."

Midi version of this again:

"(How could you just leave?)"

"Didn't you even think about what would happen to me?
I don't understand..."

"Despite the past events involving your blood brother, you will be contracted out."

TEEN KLOE: But I haven't finished my training...

BLOOD LYN: That's why your services will come at a bargain price.
Report to the contract house tomorrow before sunrise.

"You've already seen what she can do during the demonstrations session, and I know you're all impressed.
As you all know, we don't usually let go of our Blood Lyn till age 18, but believe me, Kloe is ready!
You will be bidding on three years of faithful service from her.
So let's start it at 3,000 kiphers of seru! Please increase your bids by segments of 200 therafter."

The bids go up by 200 for a while after this.

Until someone starts bidding at higher amounts.

The turban guy and Ballar get into a bidding war where they start increasing their bids by 1k.

When they hit 9k, Ballar immediately goes for 12k. The Turban guy starts spinning around and everyone in the room jumps in shock.

It's pretty small right now, but some day it will be a thriving community.
Keeping the peace is just one of the duties I will require of you though.
Now let's go inside.

... Good Kloe. You're such a lovely and talented girl.

Thank you sir.

Oh Kloe, please call me by my name. We're pretty close after all.

Oh boy.

I suppose so...

You're so beautiful.

He's herding her....

TEEN KLOE: I... I just...

... towards the bed! This guy...


"There are some troublesome bandits about."

Whatever you want, my love, you can depend on me!

Good. I'll see you later then.

All right!

I told you to stay in my room, didn't I?

WOMAN: I told you I was a naughty girl. What did you expect?

I know you are. Let's go inside.


WOMAN: Oh Foreman, the other girls were right about you!
Literally one of the worst things to hear when you walk in on your beloved sex predator cheating on you.

Kloe runs out. The music cuts out.

"Nothing more is required.
Your sentence is pronounced."

the end