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Part 33: Episode 4: Part 6: Qualifiers!

Episode 4: Part 6: Qualifiers!

Day 4 in Estrana huh... shaping up to be an action packed week. Let's take a look at the blade art we earned from kicking Ansgars ass.

I'd rather keep Crippler slotted in, which is this, but for DT instead.

The arena is through these lower doors we haven't been through yet, because I forgot to poke aorund earlier, if you even can.

So yeah, the place isn't really filled up.

A bit further along we see...

Well... I know that looks like Kloe but I'm pretty sure it isn't. Also, that's obviously Traziun with Verdanna but... below them... isn't that Rhan and his girlfriend?

Hey Rhan, it's been awhile. I wasn't expecting to see anyone from Lide here.

Lide is a total wreck man. After Ballar died things just went into the pits.
It's just a depressing place, and I couldn't take it anymore. That's why my girl and I came here to Estrana.

Are you in the tournament?

Not this time. It's just a little too competitive for my skills. Are you in it?

Yea, I wasn't going to enter, but then something happened.

So now I'm in it.

Then take this piece of Stricite.
It will do you more good than me.

Thanks Rhan, I appreciate this.

I'd better get going, this thing is starting pretty soon. Nice talking to you though.

Yea, good luck man. I'll be cheering for you.
I always like seeing Rhue actually having friendly chats. It's... very refreshing. It's also a bit worrying when you consider what he's like much of the rest of the time at this point.

When you walk past Rhans row, the game goes into cutscene mode and Rhue automatically approaches Traziun as Verdanna leaves for her throne over near the bottom right corner.

I'm doing okay. Where have you been?

Here, there, nothing worth talking about.
Two someones creep up the stairs behind Rhue.


Good morning.

So are you ready to win today Rhue?

I sure am. (I had some practice last night)

I can't wait to see you take it to them. This should be a very exciting day.

I'll make sure not to miss a second of your two bouts!
This is going to be great!

Remember, you've got to beat both of your opponents today to earn a seed in the grand tournament.


Ok! I've got to say "hi" to some other people, but I'll catch up with you late, ok Rhue?

Ok, sounds good Lexus.

Bye now!

Traziun watches them both leave. This is probably the time it's the most obvious to the player too.

Something wrong Traziun?

Someone is following that girl.
A man in blue with brown hair came up the steps after her. He went off to the side while she talked to you.
And then when she left he followed her out... Very suspicious.

Maybe he had something he forgot to do and had to leave. Maybe it's just a coicidence (SIC) that they came and left at the same time.

No, I don't think so.
I saw the same guy around her our first day in Estrana. It was when we signed up for the tournament.
Have you ever noticed someone trailing her?

... No. I haven't really been keeping a sharp eye out though.

Has anything strange happened while you were with her? Something that seemed a little odd?


You know what? Yea.


We went to this club in the Outer City called the Shadow Inn. I got into a fight with some thugs there and after I finished two of them off, the lights went out. Three of the thugs grabbed Lexus during the chaos and took off.
I pursued them until I came to some stairs. Right before I charged up the stairs I heard some strange sounds from the room above.
Fighting sounds, swords clashing, a long death cry. So I ran up there to see what was going on.

You're one brave idiot Rhue. What did you find?

I found the three thugs lying in fresh pools of their own blood. Lexus was gone.

When I got back to the casino there was a note waiting for me in my room. It was from Lexus and she told me she was okay and not to worry.

That's some really weird crap. Who is she Rhue? Do you know anything about her besides her name?

I... I guess not.

I'll ask around for you. If I come up with anything that's important I'll let you know.
Be wary Rhue. Most people aren't what they seem.


You better get back to ready room #1. I looked at the schedule and you're up second today.

There's a lengthy pause after this.

Is there a problem?

Yea, where is ready room #1?

I'll get someone to show you.
And we fade out...

Lexus. Could she really be trouble?

What does it really matter.

I like her, but still...

I'm in love with Serena. That's why I'm here. I can't forget that.
Then the attendant comes and tells Rhue he's up.

"Starting with the hopeful to MY right, please state your full name."
You may have guessed it but Verdanna also once lacked a faceset. Though in this case I'm not sure why Lun bothered.

Hey, is that....?

Yeaaa!!! Go Rhue!!!

It is! Pretty sure this'll be the last time we see him though. Verdanna wishes both the best and then our plunge begins.

This plunge is pretty unremarkable. Rhue and Thelin deal damage in the teens to each other for the first two passes, then Rhue hits him for 19 twice ina row which is Step 2 injury for him, fucking his damage, and Rhue depletes his HP on the fifth pass anyway. The student has become the master.

I guess this is a fine reward too.

Apparently Slade and, of course, Patura turned up to watch too!

Time for more sexual harassment.


I know you heard me, now turn around!

Yes, Lady Patura?

I need to see you for a moment if you don't mind.

... Fine.
Rhue stands there with his sword out this whole time which made smile. It's far less goofy if Thelin loses on this side of the arena, something I strongly suspect Lun counted on for some reason. Anyway... cut to...!

Can't you come a little closer? I don't want to have to yell.
Slade steps closer.

He steps closer again.

Nothing scares me, especially not you.

Yes, that's exactly what I thought.
One of the reasons I called you up here is to talk about the tournament.
Only one person affiliated with the Vigilance Council may be entered as you probably heard.
You might be interested to know that we haven't yet chosen who will represent us.

How can that be? The qualifiers are today.

Our representative won't have to go through the qualifying round.
They are automatically in the grand tournament.
Medmur and Zedicus have left it up to me to decide who will be that lucky Vigilante.
There's a lot of prestige involved in being selected to represent the council in the tournament.


Bringing glory to the Vigilance Council by doing well in this tournament would definitely open up... "other" doors.
I would even go as far as to say that winning would put a respected Shadow Foot well on their way to earning a seat on the council.
Hasn't that always been your intention?
I've heard many stories about you Slade. You're all about justice. It's what you live for.
If you were on the council just imagine the power you would have to help fufill (SIC) your dream.

Patura sloooowly creeps closer.



Mmm? What do you say darling?

Do you remember when Slade was going to beat Alan to death for trying to pick up a girl? If you can't correctly guess how Slade'd take this kind of thing, you haven't been paying attention.

Don't be so conservative. If it feels good, then how can it be wrong?
And it isn't just for fun. You're getting something in return too.


Find someone else to be your prostitute. Try your husband.

You're a stubborn fool! And a pathetic excuse for a man!
How dare you refuse me! You've just made a huge mistake you little rat!
You will not represent the council in the tournament!
Instead you will be assigned a new duty with which to busy your puny mind!


Slade retreats.

Well, Slade, you sure handled that well. Maybe you could have held back on the insult. Anyway... next scene.

I just did my best. Maybe this year I'll actually make it into the tournament.
Lexus' friend is on a seat hidden by the dialogue box.

Well, you just need one more win.

That's right. Let's hope we both win our next bouts.


Are you okay Rhue?

There's... there's something I've been wanting to ask you about.

Well what is it? Just ask me.

It's about what happened back at the Shadow Inn.


How did you end up escaping? And who killed those thugs?


The attendant confirms it and then leaves.

"And then I was so relieved when I found out you were okay. I don't think I would have been able to sleep at all otherwise."

Oh Rhue...

I've got to go. We'll talk later.

And then in the ready room...

I think this scene might have an alternate version where Sorya is naked, in the bath, hence Rhue's reaction, if you have a lot of Sorya points at this stage, but I might just be conflating it with another scene, because I haven't done a run where I had high Sorya points in like a decade.

How are you today?


Getting to the point...
I came here to inform you that your services will be required as soon as possible.

I've only got one bout left today.

Excellent dear. Go directly to our previous meeting house after you're finished here.

We've got something exciting for you to do this time.


Just out of curiousity...
Xor isn't really your home stretch is it?


I didn't think so. Don't be long now.

And after this... we're thrown into our next plunge without even an introduction or name for our opponent.

And uhh.................. That was the first and only pass. Verdanna declares Rhue the victor.

The first option is -1 Rhue Points, second option is +1 Rhue and Lexus, and the last one, which I go with, is +2 Lexus.

As long as you think so I'm happy.

Listen Lexus, I won't be able to hang around to watch your next bout today.
Something has come up. I'm really sorry.

Oh? ...

It's okay, I understand.

I love the smug choice, but I go with sad. This affects (or doesn't) Lexus points in obvious ways.

... Rhue literally dashes away like hell's after him and Lexus almost follows.

Anyway, THAT was a very dialogue heavy update. The next one is where things get a little strange. we'll be doing a large dungeon and we'll find out exactly what auras are, and some odd things will happen.

the end