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Part 46: Episode 5: Part 2: The Dark Lyn.

Episode 5: Part 2: The Dark Lyn.

So, for this sequence you're meant to this Arastotzi right here who directs you to find Sorya in the Lobby. Then the guy in the lobby says ah no, the event room. And then the event room girl says no she's in one of the rooms downstairs. But you are allowed to skip all that and just go straight to Rhue's first room.

The Paradans have finally caught on to the fact that there's a tournament going on. One of the guards says he'd love to hit those 'sissy boys'.

Also a lady reminds us Lossus exists and nothing will ever come of him.


She was just here, wasn't she?

ARASTOTZI: Uh yea... she just went home to... er... take a nap or something.

Where is her home?


Do you want me to get violent here?

ARASTOTZI: N-n-no need for that! Here, look!

Sorya's home is a nice street that overlooks the worst area of the outer city.

Also she dropped her cocaine.

When we head inside the camera starts panning down...


I guess there's no use in running.

What are you talking about? I didn't kill Stoyko or any other Arastotzi!
Why would I want to kill you?

Don't toy with me, dear. We both know the answer to that one.

I betrayed Lexus. Entrego ordered me to kill both her and her father, Zedicus.

(Zedicus of the Vigilance Council was the father of Lexus?)

You were quite fond of her, weren't you?

I really liked her, yes.

And she was fond of you as well.
That's why she got involved in our raid on Jopaga's lair under her codename, long pause Red Zero.

YES RHUE!!! You really fell for the 'its common fighting style around here thing???

You didn't know that?

I never really thought about it.
I'd be so pissed at you right now but you're too beautiful, you stupid idiot.

Hmm. There's more you don't know then, dear.

How much more?

A lot more, dear.

Like what?

For starters, your chance meeting at the Grand Casino, the very first day you came to town, was no accident.

How would you know?

Because I went with Lexus to meet you.
We didn't want people to associate us together though, so we kept our distance from one another.

She was not a known Arastotzi.

I still don't understand... Why would she want to meet ME?

First you have to understand one thing. Lexus was obsessed with Dancing Violet.


Lexus learned all she could about Dancing Violet. With her father's connections, this task wasn't as hard as you might think.
She mimicked Dancing Violet in nearly every way possible. She even learned her fighting style.
She stopped short of making herself look like Dancing Violet, but only because she didn't want to alarm her father.
However, she was solely responsible for the formation of the Blue Scarve gang here in Estrana.
It was through them that she rose to prominence in the underworld and eventually became a part of the Arastotzi.

That's crazy! The Blue Scarves kidnapped Lexus at the Shadow Inn!

A simple setup. A test. She was both cunning and brutal, Rhue.

I don't believe you...

Don't disregard what I'm saying. Listen to me.
When Lexus heard the real Dancing Violet was coming to town she was thrilled.
The Shadow Foot that brought Dancing Violet in filed a report about all the events leading up to the capture.

In that report, a person by the name of Rhue was listed.

I was listed in the report? (Slade listed me?)

Yes dear. It made you sound like you were Dancing Violets boyfriend or something.


That's what intrigued Lexus. That's why she wanted to meet you.

I don't believe you!!

I came here to ask for your help in freeing Dancing Violet, not to listen to filthy garbage you made up about Lexus!

Ah yes, I forgot. You're obsessed with Dancing Violet, Lexus was just a side note.


You know, I almost thought that Lexus was in love with you. But knowing her, she cared nothing for you.

We were great friends, how can you even say stuff like that?

You didn't know her Rhue. Didn't I tell you she mimicked Dancing Violet, dear?

She was devious, Rhue.
In all truth she was probably using you to further craft herself into a true to life model of Dancing Violet.

That's insane! You've gone too far, Sorya...
But if you help me free Cetsa, I'll try to forget about this.

It's too late. The execution is today.

It's today?!

Yes, it's been all over town, where have you been?


You can't save her. Any attempt now would be suicidal.

So you won't help me?

Don't waste your life Rhue. Even you can't save Dancing Violet now. I refuse to die in such a disgraceful way as that.
If that's a crime, then kill me now.

(I should kill her. After everything she has said. After all the lies. I should kill her. Kill her.)

Rhue says this next line veerrryy slowly.

Then we fade out. I swear I hear the sound of a sword, which is good. So, if you have seven or more Sorya points here, Rhue lets her live. If not, and we SHOULDN'T, he kills her. You might wonder why this is more satisfying like I said ages back, but, if Sorya lives, we never see or hear about her ever again. Rhue killing her has uh... repercussions way down the line and in fact, if she lives, we won't even get a explanation for two different things later on. It's not a huge story element, but it's still things I like.

(They're here. Somewhere. They may even be disguised...)
(But it won't be enough. You always did underestimate me father.)
(It will be your end.)

Everyone knows I get all the ladies anyway.


I know you can hear me flame brain!

I guess you're too scared to even look at me!

I'm not looking at you because you're ugly.

Burn you, jackrat!

Ah, now I'm ready to begin.

It's going to get much better, trust me.

I hope so. All the little Blood Lyn at Matalan were singing your praises.

I can't say I'm surprised (SIC).

Me neither. All those kids at Matalan are big time pushovers.
They do another pass.

Average. Is that all you got, Step 3 Blade Arts? When are you going to move into the exciting stuff?

You're one to talk. You haven't used any Blade Arts yet.

Sorry, it's just that I didn't want to end this TOO quickly. These people paid some good money to see this.

You actually think you have a chance against me? I'm the greatest Lyn alive! Why don't they just crown me the Pharaphalyn now?

Let's hope everybody else agrees. (Otherwise my plan will not succeed.)

... Cut to...

We go back to the Casino, the whole way End of the Way is still playing too. But instead of the recovery rooms, I head first to Rhue's room.

The two chests have Heart Stones, and that's all there is here. Rhue doesn't even comment on... the mess.

I doubt you've ever had any real competition before now.

Can I help it if I completely outclass everyone?

You're good, but you lack one important quality which will prevent you from ever achieving true greatness.

What are you talking about?

Here, I'll show you.

(It's time to wrap this one up.)

(What a fool. He's not going to know what hit him.)

Traziun collapses entirely.

Rhue! Get over here!

Traziun must be in trouble...

The Blood Lyn, they're here!
Traziun looked like he got injured when he lost to Strata. The Blood Lyn are now closing in for the kill!

Traziun's badly hurt?!

He had to be carried off the field of battle.

Then he won't be able to defend himself... It's up to us.

Rhue, there's too many of them!

I don't care. I'm not going to leave Traziun to die. Where did they take him?

Last room on my left.

The two guards head out south.

Right where those men just came out of.

And these guys come out of the opposite room.

Rhue's become a berserker all of a sudden?

They die easily anyway.

I guessed that already.
Hey that lever never used to be here.

These guys are the same as Regular Blood Lyn from episode 4, so they die easily.

And these two are like the single Veteran we fought in the boss fight. There was an Elite in that boss fight as well, except Episode 5 decides to skip Elites and just send something else at us after this...

Let them come. I'll kill them all.

Oh great, now we have a Dark Lyn in our face!

Dark Lyn...

We can't beat it!!

It? You don't think Dark Lyn are human?

They sure don't act human.

Then Let's cut it up. And if it bleeds, we'll know for sure.


It does the same to Kloe on the next turn.

lol, that face...

And a whole stream of lesser Blood Lyn follow it in.

He flips the switch and the screen shakes as there's the sound of an explosion. This always makes me laugh cos it strikes me as somewhat Loony Toons.


But I thought Strata hurt you... You were carried off the field...

It was all an elaborate plot. Verdanna, the owner of this place, helped me set it up.

So you lost to Strata on purpose?

Exactly. Luckily his reputation made his victory over me convincing. It was just as I wished.

(And I gave him something to think about as well.)

Sheesh, that was a pretty amazing deception.
But if you know the owner, why didn't you just get her guards to help you?

Kloe, I'm surprised (SI- What, wait a minute he spelt it right!) at you. You should know very well that the Dark Lyn would have slaughtered such men.
I don't think Strata could even handle a Dark Lyn.
Besides I wouldn't have felt right asking her guards to fight trained killers for my sake.

So you did things an easier way.

The mind is greater than the body. Haven't I taught you people anything?

That's all good and well, but I'm sure more Blood Lyn are on the way over.


So why don't you skip town and lose them before they even get here?

What about Cetsa? I told you I'd help you save her.

What's your problem?

You are! This obsession of yours is going to get you killed1
Not that I care, but seeing such stubborn idiocy pisses me off! Even worse, now you're dragging Traziun into it!

Then why don't you get lost? Then you won't see anything. How about it Kloe?

Fine, be an idiot.
She leaves.

What's that?

I can't drag you into this.
Cetsa's execution is going to occur this afternoon. We don't have enough time to formulate a decent plan.
So I say, screw it. You were right about her Traziun. She doesn't know anything.

You're serious?


Why don't you get out of here while you still can. They won't be able to track you easily if you leave now.

All right, but when are you leaving?

I just have a few things I have to do and then I'm out of here.

Okay. (You liar.)
I'll see you later then.

Take care, Traziun.

You too.

I never thought I'd find death so humorous.
But maybe that's what death is... a joke.

Yea... One big funny joke.

And probably the cruelest joke on the whole flaming Way.

Cut to our last scene for this update!


What have I done wrong? We haven't spoken since you left Delhara years ago!!
What's wrong?

Kloe, I can't ever be with you again. I'm sorry.

W-w-what? Why not?

Everything has changed Kloe! You wouldn't understand if I told you.

Changed? No, nothing has changed! I'm still the same person I was when you left Delhara!
I still... love you, Gaius.


I've changed Kloe. I'm not the same person I was.
I want you to move on. Forget about me.

I just want to be with you. I don't care if you've changed.
Gaius, please...

I've been wanting to be with you since the day you left Delhara.

(How could you do this...)

Gaius pushes Kloe away from him.

Kloe, what have you done?!
Wow the gritted teeth looks awful on Gaius I think.


Don't ever come near me again... or... I'll have to kill you.

Please, leave me.



Kloe jumps and quickly runs away...

So... We finally know Kloe's secret, that I guessed way back in Episode 3 even the first time I played this (Kloe's mysterious death sentence is what made me suspect Ballar meant her when he said 'She betrayed me.' as he lay dying.). On top of that, Traziun isn't going to be helping Rhue with his suicidal plan... Rhue murdered Sorya and...

Worst of all, Velicia SOMEHOW knows Lilah is Sacrifa's wife. I wonder who could have possibly given them this information.

Oh yeah and Gaius sounds like he's some kind of aura-reading vigilante.
If you think all or any of this was exciting though, just wait for the next update. Things will get... hectic.

the end