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Part 53: Episode 5: Part 9: The Fortress Beneath The Reflective Sky.

Episode 5: Part 9: The Fortress Beneath The Reflective Sky.


He's a lost cause. I'm not going to waste anymore time with this.
What the hell?

Waste time? Is that what you think being with me is?
What the fuck Lun???

Stop twisting my words. I will say that you haven't fufilled (SIC) all my expectations though.
Why are we getting relationship drama -NOW-? This scene should've been right after Rhue spoke to Jed, at LATEST, if you ask me.

How can you say such things!

We're through. Let's leave it at that.

What? Just like that?

Goodbye Lyrra.


"But I can follow."

Wonder if that guy who wanted to know what the Reflective Sky track really is, is still reading this thread? Because here it is.

This is the other of the two iconic and infamous scenes, and the one The Way's fanbase tried to put forth as the Best Scene of the Year for the 2005 Misaos. It's good I guess. I'll speak some more on it at the end of this update.

600 HP!? And base 3 XL gain??

Rujuvenate has been replaced by Rujuvenate 3 which is... very efficient actually, unlike the lacklustre original.
Signature Slash is what we're going to rely on in this sequence. Traziuns normal attacks only do 50ish damage which isn't good enough. Fights'd take forever.
The 18 XL cost might seem hefty but with base 3 XL + using his Draw (XL +3) which is ABSURDLY high, it only takes three turns. It's more efficient than normal attacking while waiting for the XL to build up too.

It's literally a Signature Slash, as Traziun writes out his name.

This is on the low end of damage that it can do. And it does it to both.

And that's not all! This move is basically a supercharged version of Rhue's already OP Hurricane Blade. Yes, inflicts PRONE.

Also Traziuns level 5 for some reason.

"Looks like the festivities are just beginning."

"Do you want me to make a speech or something?
OR... we could do something else..."

The front ranks start closing in.

I came very close to losing this fight, as these guys can obviously wear down Traziun through large numbers of attacks. I cleared it using two Signature Slashes without healing, and Traziun was on 50 hp at the end. Definitely would have lost on the next turn. Signature Slash's damage also varies very wildly in this fight. It can do anywhere between 300-500 damage. The Young Lyn tend to die from just the first Signature Slash but there's only a couple of those.

A few Blood Lyn at the rear flee.

Even Dark Lyn fall beneath the power of PRONE!

The other Dark Lyns corpse is hurtles into the building. We follow it.

Why not? I've got nothing better to do.

???? "You are a fool for coming here. You will be destroyed."

I know you too well to be intimidated by such idle threats.

The Black Lyn materialises out of thin air.

"Does the father refuse to face his only son?"

The Black Lyn reveals itself as Kalmar and then he and Traziun move to face off.

You're looking as youthful as ever, father.
But I guess I should get to the point of this visit.
I'm going to kill you. I'm going to avenge mother and myself.

Ungrateful wretch. It was you who failed me.
Yet, I still allowed you to live in spite of your shortcoming.

Failed you? What else would you expect when there was never any chance to succeed in the task you assigned to me?!
Is that why mother was destroyed? Because she failed you?

I already explained to you why your mother was destroyed.

It was unacceptable!!!

Alagard, you were to be the instrument of perfect justice! Don't you understand?!
Like a master blacksmith, I carefully shaped you!
But the blade I formed was riddled with imperfections.
Though perfectly formed, the metal itself was flawed.
I almost destroyed you when I first became aware of your ineptitude.
But I didn't. However, your actions since that time have given me cause to reconsider that act of mercy.

Mercy? You know nothing of mercy!

That's one thing I know all too well.
But there is something that I would like you to explain.
You see, I've noticed that you never sent Blood Lyn out to kill the second man who departed from Delhara early.
I found that to be extremely interesting.

You know nothing.

Lands, he didn't even have to change his name!
Is he my replacement?! Is he your perfect blade!


Foolish behaviour. I will not regret ending your life, Alagard.
The music dies out...

Note: -
I had the Phantom Slasher showing, but I erased that. Realized it serves better without the Slasher shown here.

This note has a third sentence that I censored for spoiler reasons. I mention it when it's relevant.

If you don't want to tell him, then I will.

This is called being stuck between a rock and a hard place.


What's going on?

Rhue, I'm not Serena...
I found the pendant when I was a child many years ago.
It was washed up on the river bank. I saw it glimmer in the sunlight while out playing one day.
It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, yet there was something wrong...

Strata comes along the top of the screen too...

Rhue, when I found the pendant... it was...


There was...
It was stained with blood!!


Rhue immediately tries to bisect Cetsa, but she has incredibly good reflexes, since it's basically an eyeblink.

You can just see Strata disappearing at the top left, as Rhue chases him.

The music cuts out.

Dirk's Theme comes on.

You know, I just realised who you are, heh!
How could I forget you with a pretty name like...

So you must know who I am as well?

Eshk. Yesss.
Thatsss why I freed you.

Heh, who would have thought a Forerunner like me would have needed saving!

You told me Forerunners were a myth when we firssst met.

They are a myth! But I'm the closest thing to a Forerunner there will ever be, heh!
Uhm... The idea of Forerunners is like... integral to the way of life of wanderers... Like... they're the ones who make the invincible wayposts that name stretches and point out safer routes, make the bridges... do lots of things like that... to prepare the way for those who come after...

That is, since Eyashu was killed...

Yesss, Tetsssel murdered him. But why?
Pontifex Maximus Tetzel of The Guided...

It was because Eyashu discovered the truth...

The truth?

Heh, yes. The truth about the End of the Way.

Tell me... do you know where Tetsssel is?

Not exactly, but I'm hot on the trail!

Maybe I'll join you for awhile. But I think there is another person who should come along as well.

Heh, who?


"It was lost so long ago..."

It is lost no more. Mother is avenged.

I didn't kill her, Alagard.

Don't breathe lies with your final breaths.

You will see my son. For with my own eyes, I witnessed her end.
Yes, you will see for yourself for we will soon be bound together.
And the Ghost Horror will go to another...
Ghost Horror being the sword impaled in the stone there.

What are you talking about?!

Kalmar flashes a couple times...

The sword pulls itself out of the floor and levitates.

Kalmar emits some light effects as he dies...

The sword flies away...

So, about the Traziun slaughtering Blood Lyn scene. It was put forward for the award I mentioned. And lost.

Here's a quote from EmperorJeramyu in 2013 when he posted a retrospective on The Way forums.


Also, when this scene didn't get the "Best Cutscene" (or moment or whatever) Misao award is when I finally, FINALLY came to my senses and fully stopped giving a shit about those stupid awards. I'm pretty sure it went to Laxius Power again. Fucking Laxius Power. Goddamn it.

Despite what he says, the blessed, beautiful game known as Laxius Power 3 DIDN'T get that award. Instead:

"Best Cutscene:
Bmage's Entrance, Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2

The Way fanbase always had a real stick up their ass about the Incredible game series known to us mere mortals as Laxius Power. They saw themselves and The Way as so far above it all and most other RPGMaker games in general.

Anyway EmperorJeramyu was one of the regular beta testers for The Way, and even was made forum admin. And to this day, he hosts last remaining copy The Way walkthrough on his site. He also hosts the compilation of stuff from the code but you can -largely- find that stuff on The Way forums still. EmperorJeramyu will even get a cameo in Episode 6, along with some other forum regulars.' So, I guess, despite his bitterness towards Laxius Power, he's ultimately a good boy.

As for awards The Way did and didn't get vs Laxius Power 3? Well, Laxius Power 3 tied with it on 'Best Story' and outright won Game of the Year.
Actually, I'll make another post cataloging what either game did and didn't get because it's INFINITELY amusing to me. Also there's a fuckload of awards for 2005 that don't even go to either.

the end