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Part 67: Episode 6: Part 9: Mischief Unfolds At The Dinner Party In No Small Part Due To Rhue.

Episode 6: Part 9: Mischief Unfolds At The Dinner Party In No Small Part Due To Rhue.

So on the second floor, I steal a rope I never use. There's at least two solutions to a couple problems here and I have no idea what the rope is for.

"Being the fashion queen of this city I can't help but notice that you're wearing the same clothes you used in the show."

This is my normal garb actually.

Oh dear me, are you serious?


I'm afraid that blue and orange just aren't your colors hon. You would really look much better with more subtle colors.

I'm not trying to look good...

Now, now, don't be afraid. I don't charge that much for my fashion services.
Here, take my card, and come an see me at my shop sometime. We famous people need to stick together you know.

(The card reads, "Celestria's Fashion Botique (SIC). Located just south of the Concert Hall.")

Come by sometime, and I'll get you looking as sharp as a spike.

Right, I'll try and remember.


Nameless, they say of he.
No word to claim as his own
No place to call his home.

Nameless, they say of he.
No memories to call his own.
No grave to rest his bones.

Yea, but what do you know of it?

CASTOR: This leaf brought to mind an old legend about the incident that I heard once.
Many believe that the Landorin Massacre marked the birth of Phantom Slasher.
Others believe it simply marks the Phantom's arrival from the Reaches where the Phantom was most likely born.

Born of what?

CASTOR: The Lord Below, the Lord of the Pits, the Evil One, whatever you like to call him.
How this occurs I do not know. Maybe it doesn't really occur at all.
Perhaps the origins of the Phantom Slasher will never really be known.
Why some people point out the Landorin Massacre as the birth place I do not know.
The Landorin Massacre stands out only because of the lack of remains, and because all of the victims were children.
This is odd especially when you consider that in many massacres linked to the Phantom Slasher, young children were usually unharmed.
A guy told us the same thing way back in Episode 2, before anyone had put a name to the Phantom Slasher.

That makes for a lot of orphans.

Castor: Yep.

We go and enter Icabods bed room.

He has his own bath too. That switch turns on the steam function apparently. We wont be using it, since it's for the other path through this that nets you strikes unavoidably. Let's go back downstairs.


ICABOD: They're serving the cake already?!

Icabod grabs the other cake and goes to eat it in his... study? For some reason. It's a dinner party. What the fuck are you going to do to that cake that has to be hidden from sight?

Yea, I noticed.

My name is Vera.
Can you see those green pixels surrounding Vera? Whenever she moves around, those disappear and reappear frame to frame. I guess whoever made her sprite fucked up on their transparency.


Pleased to meet you. What brings you here on this occasion (SIC)?

Well... I was trying to get Icabod to give me a certain item. But I don't have anything he wants.

Oh really? That's very interesting Rhue. There are alternatives to trading though.

Like what? Stealing?

So you've thought about it?

Maybe. Too bad the item I want is locked away in his basement vault.
I doubt there's anyway to get into there without being noticed.

Guess what bud? It just so happens that I know a way to do exactly that.
If you help me, then I'll help you.

It depends on what exactly you want me to do.

Talk to me after the dance and I'll tell you. Until then, let's not be seen together.

All right.
We actually wont be speaking to Vera since her way of handling the theft is worse for us. But I'll give a brief summary because it's a bit amusing. The favor she wants us to do is to steal an item from the old woman, Adelia. Adelia has it sealed in her unpickpocketable pocket on her dress. So we have to steal the whole dress somehow. Rhue talks to Adelia and before long Adelia suggests they take a bath together. When she's naked in the tub, Rhue turns the steam on high and steals the dress and then hightails it. After that Vera just distracts Icabod so Rhue can pickpocket the basement key from him. After that Vera lockpicks the vault and the result is -largely- the same as the way we'll be doing it.

Anyway, time to finally give our date her drink.

Here's your drink, I hope it's what you wanted.

Thanks, it smells great!


Right, no problem.

It seems to involve a lot of stepping back and forth and then stepping around the people next to you.

Rhue, are you going to smile and at least pretend you're having fun?

Oh, right.


It was okay, but yea, it was kind of slow and dull.

I knew that's what you thought! But you know, slow dances are very sweet and simple.
Especially if you're with someone special.

Are you okay?

ICABOD: No, take it upstairs to the main guest room.

GUARD: You always do this... You tell me to take it upstairs, and then you change your mind and make me move it to the basement.
Frankly this thing is very heavy and I don't want to be moving it more than I have too (SIC). Especially not up some stairs.

ICABOD: You'll do as you're told, or you will find a new job. Do you understand?

GUARD: *grumble*

ICABOD: Take it upstairs and guard it until I give you further instructions.

GUARD: *grumble* Yes sir.

The Guard leaves and we can do as we wish again. A couple things stand out.

I know I've heard the definition of that word before... but I... I can't remember it now...
Dammit Rhue!!! An NPC told us at the very start of Episode 5. I wonder if this line is different if you don't talk to that guy.

Better get with it Rhue, I'm giving away a mighty fine prize. What it is, is a secret though.
We go off looking for a reminder then, because of our leaky brain protagonist.

"Here it is. A harbringer is, "One who sends others on ahead.""

We go and tell Alan just that and get a Heart Stone for our troubles.

I have no idea.
Let's go find Celestria.

Looks like Lun missed this event when he handed out facesets for 2.0

I can think of a few other ways to address you... (Stuck up witch...)

CELESTRIA: It's all right, it takes a lot of time and effort to become refined and classy.
In regard to your question, No, cross patterns are not currently stylish.
However, I would expect them to begin making a comeback in the near future..

All right then...

I'll store it away in a pocket. Could make for a good prank.
And then back to that woman downstairs.

WOMAN: Bless your heart! I was just about to make a huge fashion error!
Take this Heart Stone as a token of my thanks.

One last thing...

"They refuse to open the door to let me get something I have stored inside. This is ridiculous!"

This should be good...
The woman screams...

And the couple runs out of the house.

This is probably my favourite use of this line.


VASHTI: I wish there was some way I could thank you...

(Oh no, she's going to try to kiss me...)

VASHTI: How about I give you this exquisite matchbox and we call it even?

A matchbox? Are there any matches in it?

VASHTI: There's two. I suppose I already used the rest.

Works for me.
These matches will prove useful. Both of them.

I sure do.

Care to light me up?

All right.

Thanks darling. I appreciate this. Why don't you take this Blan Rock. It's my way of saying thanks.

This actually counts as a strike, and its the sole one that nets you a reward, sooo...

The second floor has the two guest rooms. The guard is standing in the door of the one with the chest in it. We head into the room opposite it...

You can't take Rhue anywhere.

You CAN chuck it out the window, where it makes an awful racket and it sounds like stuff breaks but instead you want to...

And then...

This is so silly.

Hey, a chest is already open over there.

"Sorry, I had to take the Outworld portal stone. Hope you don't mind too much."

Someone else got to it first?

Wonderful... Guess I'll check these other chests and get out of here.


VASHTI: Oh Rhue, there you are. Your date was looking for you.

Oh yea? Where is she?

VASHTI: I think she's upstairs somewhere.

We find her out on the balcony...

Sorry that I haven't been around much tonight. I had to... uh... work some things out.

Regardless, I had a fantastic time and I have something for you.

Oh, one more thing!

Huh? What are you talking about?

ICABOD: The man standing next to you stole my Outworld portal stone!

Sorry, but it wasn't me.

ICABOD: Lies!!! Arrest him! We'll see what the high court has to say about this!

Rhue immediately draws his sword. There's a pause.

Well? Are we going to do this or not?

Is this really necessary...?

ICABOD: Seize him!! Seize him at once!!


Please, come closer. I'm begging you.
Oh, I see how it is. You're all big, bad, and tough until someone like me comes along who you can't push around so easily.
Why don't you boys move aside and let Icabod and I settle this, man to fat slob.

GUARD #1: I'm not getting paid enough...

GUARD #2: Me neither...

GUARD #1: Let's go...
They both leave, and Icabod goes to follow them...

Rhue shoves Icabod against the railing.

He shoves Icabod against the other railing.


You're scaring me. Please stop acting this way. Go to court and fight this the right way.


Rhue, please.

Fine, but I'm not going there under arrest. I'll walk in and out of the courtroom a free man.

And we fade out from here...

Next time, Rhue goes to court!

the end