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Part 73: Supplementary Update: The Books.

Supplementary Update: The Books.

And here's a supplementary update since Lexus' tomb has some very interesting books for us to peruse.


One who stole their names,
The child of Janwen's bane.
Darkness, shadow, death.
As long as it has breath.

SACRIFA: "The Mimic" is a legendary evil that is said to have imitated its victims.

What do you mean?

SACRIFA: The Mimic killed people and then would pretend to be them. For a time the Mimic was the most feared being across the entire Way.


Legend of the fallen world,
Betrayed for lust, a plan unfurled.
First to right a single wrong,
Then revenge, The Guided strong.

SACRIFA: The show we were in didn't go into what became of Kura. That's to be expected though.
Most people focus on Kava and Luma. Did you know the entire Guided camp was massacred the night after Kava and Luma met their end?
Most people believe it was Kava come back from the dead, to avenge himself and Luma.
It's also said that a forest grew up out of the ground where the massacre occurred.


The land beneath the sky
Echoes of the past decry
A lost love carried on
Words to a lonely song
Everyone must bleed
Truth hides nothing.

Pretty ambiguous.
That's the Episode titles. One can only wonder what this would have looked like with all seven lines.


Scar upon the father's brow
Left by son, the disavowed
The shadowed depths below forsaken
Enter now our world, thy haven.

SACRIFA: Venge was supposedly a son of the Lord Below that came to the Middle Way in order to avenge the scarring of his father.

The Lord Below was scarred?

SACRIFA: Yes, in a battle with Lyn who were weilding (SIC) the Illuminati.

Hmmm... (That's strange. The poem seems to suggest otherwise.)

If you look at this book a second time you get more.


Fading into the night,
The scourge of fear, the blight.
Upon this land beneath the sky.
Echoes of the past decry.

the end