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Part 79: Episode 6: Part 20: One Man, Two Title Defenses.

Episode 6: Part 20: One Man, Two Title Defenses.

This gets us two Lexus points too.

Not too shabby.

Rhue thinks the Black Shoals are beautiful which is... curious.

Lexus is a straight out unmatchable monster now.

Now that we have our suit, let's go to Marashas.

"Also, Marasha asked me to tell you that she has canceled her meeting with you.
She is terribly busy. and will send for you at a later, more convenient time." (mistaken use of period in text)

We can change into the suit in that little room there and...


hahaha the suit makes him look fat as hell. Also the door man lets us in for some reason.

Rhue says he doesn't know what this painting is of but it's a Kleunwrade.


Let's go upstairs instead, then.

I wind up finding a key for her closet and finding an 'ornament' that gives us 1 Lexus point. If Sorya has more points, you find a different item for her.

That's all there is to do at Marasha's.

In preparation for the next parts, I spend a couple -hours- grinding our notch items, which causes every sword aura to hit level 5, as well as two party level ups.

If there's a second title defense, I don't know about it.

Our opponents track begins to play. It's an original song by Lun but no one seems to have uploaded it anywhere.

MALICE: But he's got one hell of a night in front of him, Big Hat.

HENRY: Such words have never been truer! His mysterious challenger has been thrashing through the arena ranks!
First, she put down Renshu on the first pass of her debut fight, then it was Jelbert, then Graves.
She whipped through several more rhoon and then, last week, she punished Kygar for 20 passes before putting him out!

MALICE: The girl has got stamina, that's for sure! And now she has a title shot!
So we're basically told what our challenger's deal is here. She's not the strongest attacker, but like the Shadow Plungers, she has absurd HP and DT. She's also prone to trying to reduce your Plunge as Kygar said.

HENRY: What is Rhue going to have to do to win this battle, Malice

MALICE: I'm not sure there's anything he can do. But I'll tell you one thing...
He's going to have to fight like he's never fought before!

HENRY: You can say that again, Malice! It might be an understatement to say that things could get very ugly!

MALICE: Yes, very ugly for Rhue is he isn't prepared!

HENRY: Saiteh's music is playing and she is nearly ready to make her presecence (SIC) known.
Not since Rhue's spectacular victory over Exmus, has the air of tension inside this arena been so thick!
This is the plunge that everyone has been waiting for.
It's winner take all, do or die, everything is on the line!

She gets a real strange light show with squares of light moving around too.

Something wrong, kid?

Looking at you makes me sad.


Do you like that?


Sympathy. Do you like it?

No, I don't.

Then I feel sorry for you.
You know, you can rearrange the name Saiteh into Hestia.

Come to think of it, it was pointed out the things Slade said during his breakdown spelt out Yeshua Save Me with their first letters, and Yeshua can be rearranged into Eyashu. The man PONTIFEX MAXIMUS Tetzel had killed for discovering the truth of The Way.

Your personality is even weirder than your hair.
But not as weird as the places this game is going...

I'm just getting started.
So is the game.

That's too bad, I'm going to end this quickly.
And so is Lun.

I hate to disagree, but you have a long night ahead of you.

Ender completely ruined this fight, but it's also like one of the few ways to get the Quick Victory on Saiteh, otherwise it takes too long if you fight her normally. I just got lucky it came up on the first pass.

MALICE: Big Hat, are you seeing what I'm seeing?!

HENRY: I can't believe my eyes, but Saiteh has been completely destroyed!

MALICE: Just like that! Rhue cut through her defenses like they weren't even there!

HENRY: Indeed!

MALICE: I have to say Big Hat, if Saiteh couldn't do it, then I don't know who can!

HENRY: Rhue is the man to beat, and it could be that way for a very, very long time!
This is Big Hat Henry and Masked Man Malice signing off! Goodnight!

And that's that.

Now, for the last sidequest... (That I know of)

Yes, you were declared the victor of the last contest. This I do not dispute.
But you only triumphed on one plain of reason.

What kind of crap are you saying?

Your victory was hollow. I understand your mind, and now I hate you no longer Kura.

The name is Rhue. I just played the part of Kura in Alan's show. Why don't you try to keep reality and make believe seperated.

It is right for you to be confused so.
I will diminish from such talk, but I will offer you the final test.


You've grown strong, you are the Grand Champion, yet you are not the Pharaphalyn. This title, I offer you...
If you can defeat me here and now.

You're the Pharaphalyn? I don't think so.

You will see.

I think it's time I put you in your place, Kavax.

Even after going out of my way to grind all those notch items, this is probably the most equally matched Plunge for us in the whole series (provided you did that grinding). Rhue and Kavax match each other blow for blow. No gimmicks or anything either.

(Gordon Ramsay voice): IT'S A FUCKING DRAW

On the second attempt I Step 4 him... though I probably would have beat him on an average hit too...

... On the same turn he gets me from HP damage.


I cut it kind of close on the third attempt.

Geez, thanks Lun. The encounters in the forest give that much. Asshole.

I'd like to leave now.

Your power has grown, simply use it.


Note: I wanted something more spectacular, but there's only so much you can do.
More, more, more....

I think Lun was likely butting up against the limits of RPGMaker 2k more and more as he went along...

So it appears.

I'm better than ever. Now let's get going.

Well. I hope everyone's happy with that, because now it's back to the main story.

the end