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Part 83: Episode 6: Part 23: The Key.

Episode 6: Part 23: The Key.

The tower has a second shielding aura apparently. It's simpler than the first though.

What do you mean?

It's a simple Aura lock that allows people with certain elements in their natural auras to neutralize the shield.
Note: Neutralization. A key to a heart and mind.
Sometimes elements blend together, other times
the clash darkly. Dark like rain, pooling in gutters.

I think cape boy is saying that only certain people can pass through.
Note: A wall is a wall. It's put up to keep people out.
A door is a door. It is there to let certain people in.

... cape boy?

Not quite. Anyone can pass through so long as they are with a person who can negate the effects of the shielding aura.
Note: The wrong people and the right. Together.

Step aside, I'd like to have a look.

Rhue, channeling your aura into this "lock" presents huge risks. We need to be sure about what will work, and what won't.
Note: Emotion and energy. Constrained to the bulwarks of
human experience.

Shhh... everything will be fine. I hear something...
Rhue repeatedly telling people 'everything will be fine' is kind of creepy to me honestly.

I can unlock it, I just... "know".
Note: The things we know. The things we don't know.

Lunacy. That's what I KNOW this is.
Note: Skepticism or realism? Sometimes both.

We'll see.


Note: Everything is ok. Someone cares.
If we didn't have Lexus in the party, Sacrifa would be the one who asks Rhue if he's alright (without running to him). Theres a note for this outcome too.

Note: Someone cares, but you don't care.

I'm wonderful, thanks.
(I couldn't do it...)

You said it Chewie.

Note: Challenges bring despair or innovation.

(Something is missing...)

Don't worry, I should be able to set up a teleporter back to Jopaga's. Perhaps he can help.

I hope so.


We're immediately teleported back to Jopaga's lab just to see that cloaked figure run off to the left.

Oohh, my head...

Don't worry, your assailant seems to have run into the other room. We've got them trapped.

What are we waiting for then? Let's go get some revenge for Jo, here.

Boys will be boys.

I'd say that's a fair assessment.

Yea, but look over there between the bookcases.

Oh no... not one of those again.

We'd better talk with Jopaga about this.


No, but I do know why they were here.

Why's that Jo?

They were looking for something. But they didn't get it.
Jopaga's crazy smile always brightens my day.

What would that be?

They wanted my newly acquired Mazriun portal stone.
Did you see the marking on the wall in the other room?


It creates a portal to another place when this stone is held close to it.

They seem to already possess such a stone. Why would they need another, dear?

The simple answer is that they do not want anyone else to have it.

That's my hypothesis, and now it's time for the experiment!


As I said, they failed to steal the stone.
I have it right here in my hand and I want you all to use it to find my assailant.
Bring them back here so I can extract my revenge for the slight they dealt to me and then...


Then we'll work on a way to unlock that wretched tower once and for all!

I don't intend to.
And with that I have control again. First, I decide to pay The Girl a visit.

Note: Things are still going pretty well.
We're in love.

Pretty good, we're on our way to visit someone..

Who is it?
Note: Someone I met at the sand wall melee.
What is a sand wall melee?

His name is Jopaga.
Judging by this conversation, originally, we'd probably have to make our way to Jopaga's lab on our own, originally.

Anyway, let's get back on track.


Just speed bumps...

I don't think so.

KNIGHT: Show no mercy.

Again, basically just speed bumps.

We accept.


I'm not familiar with that name. Who are you and whence do you come from, strangers?

What the...

I'll handle this.

Most noble princess, we came here under strange circumstances from a much different place.

We are on the trail of a villainous rogue who escaped to this place.
We have yet to ascertain the motive of the perpetrator for their crime in our land, but it is quite plausible that they are basing their operation from somewhere within your jurisfiction.

How terrible! Something must be done! What does this villain look like?

They hid their identify (SIC) with a dark cloak.
However, we do know that they possess a certain stone. Rhue, show her the stone.

In the meantime, you may all stay here as honored guests. I'll have your rooms prepared immediately.

We owe you our thanks.

(That's Lyrra...)


After poking around some, Rhue enters the room on the right and...


VOICE: Rhue! How could you?!

(... Hey, wait a minute...)

Because... I didn't want to stir things up.

Well too bad, they're already stirred up and I bet you know something about it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

The intruder, the stone? How about it?

The door was open...

Maybe THAT door was, but I wasn't really expecting anyone to come strolling into my room!

Anyhow, I don't know what you're talking about with all this intruder and stone stuff.


You need to leave, RIGHT now.
Rhue starts to leave and then...


This is the other stone... You do have it! It was you?

Don't try to lie. I noticed that the intruder ran much like a girl.

Really? I thought I had mastered a more manly stride...

Heh, no. I just made that up, but I'm glad you've finally decided to confess. But why did you want the other stone?
I lied when I said I was lying about the coffee being hot.

Oh you know, I just thought it would be nice to uh... have a matching pair... you know.

Yea right, what's the real story?

I didn't want to tell you about this but it seems I have no choice...


Rhue, an evil lord from another kingdom has kidnapped my prince to whom I was supposed to be wed!

Your prince?

Yes, it's dreadful! He was kidnapped on the night before the wedding a few days ago.
The evil lord demanded that I provide him with two portal stones as a ransom.

You're kidding...

It's no lie, this lord is the most coniving (SIC), devilish man I've ever met!

What's his name?

Lord Landorzan.
I hate to even speak it...

Well where is he at?

In the north.

Can you be a little more specific?

If you insist.
His dark abode lies in the northern mountains of Zylthor which rise like sun parched spikes into the storm skies overlooking the poisonous marshes of Palenbor.
The marshes burn continually, both day and night, and terrible mutations of life abide there in the black sludgy depths.
Oh gee. That sounds like the setup for a terribly long, boring filler quest.

... So how are you going to deliver the ransom?

I'll find a way! I will brave each horror and reach the castle so that my prince may be restored to me!

But you don't have the other stone, I do.

Well, now that you understand the situation, I'm sure you'll give it to me, right?

I don't think so.

But I thought we were friends?

Don't you remember what happened the last time we met?

That little pushing you into the water incident?

(She doesn't remember?)

Rhue, I'm so sorry about that! I've regretted it ever since and have spent countless nights weeping in remorse!

... So this lord lives in the north. Then maybe I'll go there and get your prince for you.
Oh lordy.

No, really. He's got the strength of a hundred men and the quickness of a red swiftfoot!

I'm still not impressed.
We're the fuckin' Pharaphalyn, foo'!

Did I mention that he's got an army of six thousand men who are skilled with the sword?!

You're making all this up, aren't you?

No I'm not!

Yes you are. There is no prince. There is no lord. You live in a boring kingdom full of flowers and hummingbirds.



Ok!! Fine, I made it all up! I just wanted the stone so I could keep everyone else out of this place!
Is that so wrong?

I don't see why anyone would want to come here anyway.

Well it's better than living in a place with a stupid tower that looms over you day in and day out.

It's interesting that you should say that. I was just at the base of that tower recently.

Did you happen to hear anything strange while you were there?



Why do you ask?

I heard a voice from that tower.


It called out to me. It wanted me to enter the tower.

And did you?

No, I was frightened. I went away as far as I could. That was many years ago.

(Many years? That's impossible...)


Lyrra, we need a certain person to help us get into the tower. I think you might be the one.

I know... But I... I dare not go there.


I know what's there.

Tell me, what?

The truth, about everything.

What truth?

I... I couldn't say.

You must come with me to the tower then!

No... I can't! I'm deathly afraid of it...

The tower?

No. The truth.



How'd you knock that sucker out anyhow?

Can we just forget about that?

Exactly. We need to focus on the tower now.
Who knows what we may encounter there...

(Why do I always get the feeling that everyone else knows exactly what we'll encounter there?)

I'm coming along, but don't expect me to do any fighting.
You WILL protect me, right?


And now we can finally enter the tower... after one last stop...

Note: No. There's nothing to be done anymore.

Not really. Just thought I'd say goodbye. I don't think I'll be coming back for a long time.

Really? Where are you going?
Note: Somewhere I never wanted to go.

I can't really say, cause I don't really know.

That sounds really strange.
Note: Yes, it is strange. I feel that way almost all the time.

Yea, I guess it does. Anyway, bye.

Take care.
Note: You too.

the end