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Part 85: Episode 6 Finale: The End Of The Way.

Episode 6 Finale: The End Of The Way.

Here's the 'normal/default' ending, in a 15 minute long video. Enjoy. Or not.

I don't think I have to mention that this isn't place we thought of as the Landorin Stretch.

I think the still living man must be Rhue's body, and the shadow sword, The Phantom Slasher, or one common theory for The Girls identity doesn't make sense. Yes, it's generally believed she's Serena. But there's a big problem with that if that man isn't Rhue and that sword isn't Phantom Slasher. An obvious problem.

You're actually allowed to lose this Plunge. It affects the Post-Credits scene, only, I think.

Rhue as Midian, looking for Jeruh, just as that Headhunter told us in Episode 2. And Gaius was present for Rhue murdering a man, as was also stated by Gaius himself in Episode 2.

It seems the Phantom Slasher just places a new domininant aura in charge whenever one accomplishes their goal. That's why the mish-mash aura of Rhue was great for the sword, and seemed so muddled to Gaius. It was elements of multiple auras. Midian Aura was probably just literally Midian. Rhue was a perfect creation. He couldn't find Serena. Ever. And he'd never give up either... maybe only for someone very special, like Lexus.

Kura... The Mimic... even Venge. All likely Rhue. Those three poems are all found in one room and there's loose threads connecting the three if you didn't notice.

The Mimic, child of Jawen's bane. Was one of the most feared beings on the way due to the fact it would perfectly mimic its victims.

Venge, child of Janwen's bane. Scarred his father. Maybe with one of the Illumunati?

Sacrifa tells us not many stories talk about Kura after the events shown in the Play, but he does tell us after Kava and Luma were killed, the Guided camp was massacred and that people thought it was Kava, back from the dead...

And yes. This is the first shot we ever saw of Rhue. We followed him from his very 'birth', to his 'death'.

There's a little additional part of the dialogue thats meant to trigger if you looked at Kloe's painting in Episode 2. I even screenshot myself looking at it so I have no idea why it didn't.

RHUE: ... I don't know how.
KLOE: (Me neither...)
KLOE: I...
[RHUE kneels on the ground.]
KLOE: ...
RHUE: ...
RHUE: So... you do...
RHUE: ...paintings?
KLOE: Yes...
RHUE: ...I can't.

Also this whole dialogue can be wildly different depending on both Kloe and Rhue points. I'm not quite sure what happens with low Rhue points but I do know that Kloe can be colder or even straight out spiteful and abandon Rhue instead if her points are low enough.

This sight is always a rude shock for me because it's like getting a bucket of ice water thrown over you and you're like whoa whoa wait, 'Scatha and Dirk were actually characters in this series too'. And then your brain starts to faintly recollect they were going to do something about Tetzel and... the Books of Sermeot (Guess we don't need that for Rhue now though!) and
HOLY SHIT! Episode 5 spent half its play time setting Tetzel up as the big bad guy of The Way (or atleast some kind of nasty ends justify the means type villain, -hopefully- working against the Lord Below.). That whole plotline just disappeared!

Which is a shame, because I suspect Tetzel was going to be how we got -alot- of answers.

We see Traziun left Night Reaper on the cliff here. And yes... that's the same sprite as the sword from Lide. This shot is also in the Reaches ending.

No one in this shot in the Reaches Ending.

The post credits scene...

Note: Five birds fly nimbly by
Note: Stones throw away from the river of life

Ghost Horror. It's Ghost Horror.

If you lost the Phantom Slasher Plunge, then instead of walking away, Rhue smiles evilly and walks towards Ghost Horror.

In the code... theres a scavenger hunt of clues throughout the whole games maps. Eventually, it ends on this note.

Note: Serena's hair was the same as her sister's.
I guess you knew that.

Anyway, next we'll have the last ending. I bet you guessed what it was when watching this ending. It branches off when Rhue asks Lexus a question instead of leaving.

After that, well. I'll do my best to explain some things, plus there's actually another reason I made this LP. There's a couple things in the code still to be discussed.

Lastly, I'll post Lun's interview and then depending on how I feel, I might write a coda of sorts for this LP.

the end