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Original Thread: The X-Files



What's this all about?

The X-Files Game is a first-person FMV adventure game that was released in 1998, it's based on the TV show of the same name. We play as a generic agent Craig Willmore, an FBI agent based in Seattle, who is sent on an assignment to investigate the disappearance of a couple of FBI agents. These FBI agents presumably went missing to cut down on the acting budget. Several actors from the TV show revive their roles for the game, some of which you will see in the first video.

To give you an idea of a timeline of events, this takes place somewhere around the third and fourth series. The game was released before the end of the fifth season.

LP details

For the most part, apart from the use of a guide, this is going to be a blind playthrough. I have never played this before apart from testing to see if I can actually run the game. Also, this game is also prone to data corruption and save errors.

Depending on my work schedule I aim to upload two or three times a week. If you need to talk spoilers use the appropriate tags. If you know this game and think that I should do or see something specific, flag my name before the spoiler tags or PM me.

Let's Play: The X-Files

Bonus Video - Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Bonus Video - Ending Sequences
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