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Part 27: Chasing Kyleen

Part 27: Chasing Kyleen

Kyleen really wiped out the inventory, didn't she? All the party's GG is gone, too. The only things she left were the party's weapons, including this long-forgotten Dark Sword, as well as any equipped accessories.

Before beginning the hunt, there's a quick stop to be made in the girl's room, where some MP have been hidden away under the stuffed bunny.

Outside, there are a few things to be noted about the Coincule District. First, everybody seems to know about Kyleen, and second, the camera is absolutely terrible down here.

At least you can see the map clearly. Note how the area only has three enterable buildings (the big one is Kyleen's) and no shops or other reasons to be down here.

Also, there is a completely inexplicable cameo just waiting for you to cross the underpass.

Hola, mi amigos! I've devoted myself to saving people. So, don't you think you should give me something in return?

What the hell? Boss battle out of nowhere, and all our items are missing! Or is it?

*Stomach rumbling noises*

Uhhh...Gotta go!

Yep, this whole exchange was just to mess with your head. Now, back to exploring Coincule.

Basically, while Kyleen may have been lying about her motives, everything she told the party about Lavantis and Sharan is completely true. The best cons contain the most truth, after all.

Oh, and there are a few more MP drops to find, too.

It's kind of funny how everyone feels sorry for Kyleen, but no one does anything to stop her from conning unsuspecting visitors.

Right, time to go up to the Fugoja District and start the long, annoying hunt for Kyleen.

Wait, never mind, she's just outside by the staircase.

What follows is a series of arguments in which Meis has to convince Kyleen that he earnestly wants to help her out even after she stole from him. If you screw up a conversation option, she'll roll her eyes and wander off somewhere else. You can find her in front of the bar here,

By the Goddess statue,

Near the bazaar,

And across the underpass from the smithy, after which she'll start at the beginning again. She has a few different dialogues she rotates through, and you need to get two right before she'll give you back your stuff.

I included my failures in the video, too, mostly because I love the mental image of Meis running after her shouting, "KYLEEN! *huff huff* Love *pant* is the greatest *gasp* thing ever!"

So now that our inventory is back, the two well-dressed thugs blocking the mansion doorway are gone and we can enter.

The area is small, overall, but it does have random encounters and treasure chests, so stay on your guard. The door under the stairs there leads to the cable car, but we can't enter it just yet.

The chests are pretty easy to find and are well stocked. Two sets of three here: one on either side of the central passage.

I even found this Speed Bracer (go Speed Bracer go!), which currently adds 9 to Speed. I've mentioned how Speed is the most important stat in this game, right?

Our enemies include oh what the fuck.

I'm sorry, I'm going to need a minute here. It's not every game that includes "gorgeous" dancers and guys in orange boxes who attack you with fucking hand puppets that breathe fire. I'm not even kidding. How could I be? Look at that!

The "gorgeous" dancers, by the way, attack by either slapping the frontline character or assaulting him/her with a rose. I think it's supposed to paralyze or something, but it never worked successfully so I don't know.

The last enemy is the comparatively normal Chappy, who appears to be a freaky combination of Chucky's stature, Freddy Krueger's shirt, and Jason Voorhees' knives.

He's also chomp on you now and then, absorbing EP.

When you first try to enter the central hallway, you hear Muza whispering, "Meis, hide!" Meis then automatically runs behind one of the pillars.

First, one of the bodyguard-types walks down the staircase.

It seems the thugs weren't guarding the front door because they were busy kidnapping Kyleen.

Let go of me, you goons!

Peeking through the keyhole gets us an extra little scene before we simply burst in.

For those of you not watching the videos, Lavantis has a crazy sort of Spanish accent. No idea why.

No way! How could I be one of you? My life and family were torn apart because of you!
Don't act tough now. If you're obedient, you and I can have a wonderful life together.
Isn't that Kyleen?

Meis, let's save Kyleen.

Cue the bursting in.

Who are you people? Don't tell me that you've come to save this girl! Hahahahaha! What good does it do to save a liar? A thief? ...Well, I guess it's none of my concern. I'll commend your courage with an offer. How much are you willing to pay in exchange for her?

For Meis, it simply wouldn't do to say anything less. Lavantis seriously takes every last cent, though.

I'll throw in a bonus TRIP, too!

See you next FALL!

Next time: Further vengeance is had!