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Time Gate: Knight's Chase

by Coulis

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Original Thread: Never study abroad - Let's Play Time Gate: Knight's Chase ! [VLP]


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I never heard of this game.

Timegate: Knight's Chase, also called The secret of the templar in Europe, is one of the final adventure game made by Infogrames in 1995. It was developped by the (in)famous team responsible for the Alone in the Dark sequels and the Call of Cthulhu games (Prisoner of Ice and Shadow of the Comet). Developpers include writer Hubert Chardot(creator of The Devil Inside) and game designer Norbert Cellier(who later produced various games as Superman 64 or Arx Fatalis).
It is the unofficial Alone in the Dark 4. It uses an updated version of graphic engine, plays and feels the same as the trilogy.

In a nutshell, what is the plot?

Out of the mists of time, from the depths of a secret dungeon, the last of the knights templar sends a final cry for help...

In 1996, you are William Tibbs, a young American law student in Paris. To save Juliette, your fiancé, you have to take up the challenge from Wolfram, the fox with the red mane who is allied with the forces of darkness. They wait for you in the secret jails of the commandery of the knights templar.... in 1329.

Why should I care?

It's a pretty good adventure game with an original setting. The whole middle age part in a cloister feels like an extract of The Name of The Rose...

But let's be clear, the main reason you will probably want to watch this LP is the insane plot mixing hologram black knights, time travel, reincarnations and even Egyptian Mythology.


Update 1 - Viddler - A typical visit in a French museum, starring high-tech security and pissed-off guards.
Update 2 - Viddler - There is something not very catholic about this monastery.
Update 3 - Viddler - Infogrames, inspiring bad game designers since 1983
Update 4 - Viddler - Going in a very special place.
Update 5 - Viddler - The Return of living dead monks.
Update 6 - Viddler - The secret of the Templars looks like a bad Stargate episode.
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