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Time Lord

by GuidoAnchovies

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Original Thread: Interdimensional Travel is a Bitch: Let's Play Chakan & Time Lord


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No, unfortunately this isn't a Dr. Who inspired game. In Time Lord, some aliens traveled to different parts of Earth's history to mess shit up and take the planet over. As a "Time Lord" it's supposed to be your job to go into these different time periods and find all the time orbs, and kick some ass.

However, this game loves to fuck with the player. Many of the time orbs involve puzzles with very... obtuse solutions. There is also a time limit where you only have about 25 minutes to beat the entire game. If the in-game clock reaches Jan 1, 3000, it's game over. It doesn't care if you're one hit away from killing the final boss and you have 5 lives left; it's back to the beginning for you.


Introduction ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
1250 AD: Castle Harman, England ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
1860 AD: Dead Man's Gulch, Western U.S.A. ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
1650 AD: The Dora Marie, Carribean ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
1943 AD: Front Line Trenches, France ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
INTERMISSION ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
2999 AD: MB Time Travel Center, USA ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
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