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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

by SuperGraffiti, MoominBiscuit

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Original Thread: Let's Dick Each Other Over: Co-Op Megathread


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Timesplitters: Future Perfect (known as Vin Diesel VS. The Space Mutants in Europe,) released in 2005 by Free Radical Design and EA, is the third game in the Timesplitters series. The plot follows directly on from the end of Timesplitters 2 with Vin Diesel returning to Earth after defeating the Timesplitters so that he can defeat the Timesplitters again.
This game is quite different from its predecessor. The biggest difference being the flow of the story. Unlike in TS2, rather than jumping into the bodies of people in other time periods in order to write wrongs in history, resulting in each level having its own isolated story, there is much more continuity between levels, as you'll see. Also, the plot makes no sense at all.

As with our Timesplitters 2 co-op LP, my strange bedfellow MoominBiscuit will be player 1 and I will be player 2.

Ready? Okay!


Time to Split,
Scotland The Brave,
The Russian Connection,
The Khallos Express,
Mansion of Madness,
What Lies Below,
Breaking and Entering,
U Genius, U-Genix,
The Machine Wars,
Something to Crow About,
You Take The High Road,
The Hooded Man,
Future Perfect,
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