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Part 103: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 13: Never Smile at a Crocodile

Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 13: Never Smile at a Crocodile

As part of Kazuma's transition to being #1 on the affection list, he now gets the save icon instead of Mizuki. This is the difference:

11/21: Only bad things happen behind the school

Goonko: (It's a little too quiet out here.)
Goonko: (Kind of gloomy, too. I should hurry home.)
???: Oh, I simply can't stand it anymore!
Goonko: Wh, who's there?!

Goro: I can't see it! I can't get the right image!
Goro: I'm not good enough to do it!
Goonko: EEK!

I don't blame Goonko here. I'd scream too.


Hanatsubaki Goro, ladies and gentlemen.

Goro: What is wrong with you, girl?
Goro: Don't jump out and scare me like that!
Goonko: Ha, Hanatsubaki-sensei?! I'm, I'm sorry!
???: What's going on here? It sounded like someone was crushing a frog.

Goonko: (Whoa! It's that mysterious dandy!)

Goro: Can you believe this, Ikkaku?
Goro: This girl was so rude!
STRANGER DANGER: Don't twist things, Hanatsubaki.
STRANGER DANGER: Young lady, is this man bothering you?
Goonko: Uh, no, he just surprised me.
STRANGER DANGER: I'm sorry about that.
STRANGER DANGER: Hanatsubaki sometimes comes here looking for inspiration.
STRANGER DANGER: It seems that watching our girls in their natural habitat helps him design his clothing.
Goro: Forget that, Ikkaku!
Goro: Look at this shawl I'm going to use in my next collection!
Goro: When I try it on, I just can't get the right image.
Goonko: Umm, I should go.

Goonko may only have 20 Academics, but this is the smartest thing she's said all game. Run, Goonko, run!

Goro: Wait! Let me see your face more clearly.
Goro: You know, Ikkaku, now that I have a better look, she has a wonderful face.
Goro: Here, put on this shawl!
Goonko: Wait, what? Hold on a second!
Goro: See that? My eyes did not deceive me after all.
Goro: This girl is an unpolished jewel.
Goro: Speak, boy, speak!
Goro: Chairman Amanohashi?!
STRANGER DANGER: Hey! That was uncalled for.
Goonko: Chairman Amanohashi? Isn't that the signature on my student ID...?

Yes, his name is Amanohashi Ikkaku. No, I'm not going to change how the script refers to him.

STRANGER DANGER: Sigh. Yes, that's right.
Goro: Alright, off to start production!
Goro: Oh, could you give that shawl back, please?

STRANGER DANGER: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hide it.
STRANGER DANGER: You made such a profound impression on me at the chapel, that I went and did a childish thing.
Goonko: I'm glad the mystery is solved.
Goonko: Oh, my name is--
STRANGER DANGER: Fudou-kun. I know.
STRANGER DANGER: You're in Himuro-sensei's class.
STRANGER DANGER: Unfortunately, the magic hour is fading...
STRANGER DANGER: But if you don't hate chairmen, would you allow me to invite you on another drive?
Goonko: Sure, no problem!
Goonko: After all, you're not a stranger anymore.

Okay Goonko that was the dumbest thing I've heard in this entire game series.

11/9: A summons from Mizuki

Goonko: (Who could that be?)
Mizuki: Allô! You seem as bored as always, so I called over.
Goonko: Huh? What's going on, Mizuki-chama?
Mizuki: Don't hide it! You were thinking "I really want to go shopping with Mizuki," weren't you?
Option 1: Let me go with you!
Option 2: Oh, sorry, I can't today.

In case you're wondering when Goonko started calling Mizuki "Mizuki-chama" instead of "Sudou-san," she technically didn't because Mizuki just never showed up after school again. But This is about when the change would normally happen, so I'm going with that for the rest of this LP.

Goonko: Let me go with you!
Mizuki: Of course!
Mizuki: See you at the entrance of the mall!

Goonko: Whew. Hey, Mizuki-chama, are you gonna keep shopping?
Mizuki: What? Are you out of breath? How sad.
Goonko: But Garrison's been lugging all the bags this entire time, it must be brutal.

Garrison: You don't need to worry.
Garrison: If I couldn't handle this, I wouldn't be assigned to Mizuki-sama.
Goonko: Th, that's good, I guess.
Mizuki: Très mignon! I found another cute outfit!
Mizuki: Hurry up, you two!
Goonko: (Sigh...)

Mizuki: Excusez-moi, Fudou-san!
Mizuki: Could you take this? Mizuki already seems to have one.
Option 1: Accept the gorgeous parasol
Option 2: Don't take the gorgeous parasol

Goonko: Um. Sure. Thanks, Mizuki-chama.
Mizuki: How wonderful for you! Now you match with Mizuki!
Garrison: ...
Goonko: ("This is a token of the young mistress' regard" -- that's what you want to say, right, Garrison?)
Goonko: (I got a gorgeous parasol!)
Goonko: (It's so pretty...)

The gorgeous parasol is worth a respectable +10 Art, and every Mizuki shopping trip from now on will end with that item.

Mizuki: Whew, that was so much fun!
Mizuki: You are definitely the best person to have by Mizuki's side!
Goonko: Haha, thanks.
Mizuki: You're welcome.
Mizuki: Garrison! We're going home, bring the limo around.
Goonko: See you later, Garrison-san, Mizuki-chama.
Garrison: Farewell.

11/29: Boys or shopping?

Kazuma: H, hey, Kimiko...
Goonko: Oh, Kazuma-kun! Yeees?
Kazuma: Say, uh, do, do you happen to be busy this Sunday?

Oof. Bad timing, Kazuma. The next day is the seasonal flea market, and we're not going to miss out on it for a date. Dates can happen whenever we want them to, but flea markets are only 4 times a year!

Goonko: Yeah, I have plans.
Kazuma: O--oh, yeah, that makes sense. You must have a lot of stuff to do. Yeah.
Goonko: Something wrong?
Kazuma: N, no, not at all! J, just, you know, I'm busy with practice too, haha...
Goonko: (What did he want to say?)

Sorry buddy, but there's one thing that's just as important as you are.

11/30: Shopping.

A furisode is 194ish Rich, so with 262 Rich currently in hand, we have just about 70 to spend before the big Boutique Jes sale. This short-sleeved blouse is a gimme.

This time around, the Konami cosplay item is Nash's outfit from the Suikoden series (the Gaiden games and Suikoden III, to be specific). While impressive, it doesn't actually do anything.

Speaking of not actually doing anything, the ribbons fill out Goonko's utter lack of accessories. However, given that the Wave Motion Sword has been attached to Goonko's hip for months now without anyone batting an eye, I don't really think that anyone cares what Goonko wears as an accessory. To be honest, I don't know what the accessories do other than give Goro a third item to write about.

Because winter is coming, we also pick up a cardigan and this ugly, ugly Candy vest.

11/31: Encounter at the flower shop

Goonko: Hmm? Arisawa-san and Mizuki-chama are over there talking.
Mizuki: Non non! These plain things are absolutely out of the question!
Shiho: Sigh... just pick whatever you want, then.

Mizuki: What's with that attitude?
Mizuki: I'm asking you because they claim that you know your flowers!
Shiho: Is that how you ask for someone's help?
Goonko: H, hi. Are you two busy?

Mizuki: Fudou-san! My grandfather is sick and I'm looking for flowers to bring him.
Goonko: Really? Did you find any you liked?
Mizuki: No, not yet. This ill-mannered four-eyes refuses to show me anything.

Shiho: Ill-mannered? You know...

Mizuki: What about that potted orchid?
Goonko: What? You want to bring that to a sickbed?
Mizuki: Yes! Grandfather will definitely be pleased.
Shiho: Do whatever you want.
Goonko: B, but...
Mizuki: I want that potted orchid, s'il vous plait!

Goonko: Was that the right thing to do?
Shiho: Sure, why not? She said it was what she wanted.
Goonko: True, I guess.
Goonko: Well, I gotta go.
Shiho: Oh? Well, see you later, Fudou-san.
Goonko: (But is it really okay to bring a potted plant to a sickbed?)

Later that day, Mizuki also sends us a fascinating e-mail.

From: sudou
Re: That doesn't suit you at all.

Ça va?

I hear that at home, you keep wondering how to become more like Mizuki, is that true?
If that's the case, why don't you just ask Mizuki? Don't be afraid.
Today, a boy claiming to be your little brother came to Mizuki's mansion and revealed everything.
He was a very sweet and honest boy.
Is he truly your little brother?


12/3-12/4: Kazuma's birthday

Goonko: What should I get him?
Option 1: Alarm clock
Option 2: Fishing lure
Option 3: Frilly handkerchief

This one's pretty obviously the fishing lure, based on our previous conversations with Kazuma. It's nice that these birthday presents can be deduced from the boys' hobbies instead of just guessing based on character archetype. Which, to be fair, has served us well for 3 games now.

Goonko: Kazuma-kun!
Kazuma: Y, yo, Kimiko. Wh, what's up?
Goonko: I got you a birthday present! Here!
Kazuma: What? F, for me?
Kazuma: You remember all the little dumb things, don't you?
Kazuma: But, uh, thanks.
Goonko: Alright, alright, open it up!

Kazuma: Whoa! I love it! Nice call!
Goonko: (Yay! He seemed really happy about it.)

12/7: Say hello to Full Dork Mode

Now that Kazuma's close to maximum affection, more of his conversations are changing. For example, when calling him out on a date instead of waiting for him to ask Goonko out:

Kazuma: Hello?
Goonko: Hi, Kazuma-kun? It's Fudou Kimiko.
Kazuma: What?! Wh, what's the--
Kazuma: Whoa, WHOAAAAA!
(clattering and crashing)
Goonko: Are you okay?
Kazuma: Uh, yeah, nothing. Really.
Kazuma: S, so, what's up?
Goonko: Say...

Yep, not only does Kazuma lose his ability to form complete sentences when Kimiko calls, he also loses his balance and coordination. I would make fun of him, but I don't have anything resembling the moral high ground in this situation.

Goonko: Want to go to the indoor pool with me?
Kazuma: Ye--yeah, sure.
Kazuma: I got nothing better to do.
Kazuma: I, I'll go with you.

Thankfully for Kazuma's house, the end of the conversation doesn't cause any significant damage.

12/8-12/12: Midterms

1st: Hazuki Kei
7th: Arisawa Shiho
81st: Mihara Shiki
126th: Konno Tamami
127th: Sudou Mizuki
154th: Fudou Kimiko
255th: Suzuka Kazuma

Goonko: Hmm. Not bad.
Mizuki: Ça va, mon ami?
Goonko: Who's Monami?
Mizuki: We're together forever!
Mizuki: I won't let you steal ahead of me!
Goonko: (I should probably study harder from now on!)

12/14: Pool date with Kazuma

Presented without comment.

As before, Kazuma is impressed by the speed of the swimsuit and can't see anything else. It's better than the alternative, I guess.

Kazuma: Hey, can you swim very well?
Option 1: I'm not bad, I guess.
Option 2: Teach me how to swim.
Option 3: You bet I can!

In a standard teen drama, the super cliche answer would be 2, which would provide a cheap way of getting two teenagers to hold hands during a swimming lesson and otherwise encourage closeness. However, as Hotblooded Sports Guy, Kazuma definitely favors 3.

Goonko: You bet I can!
Kazuma: You sound confident. Alright, c'mon and race me!
Goonko: (Yay! A perfect impression!)

Yep. And then, on the way home...

Goonko: Say, Kazuma. Do you have a dream?
Kazuma: A dream, huh? Nothing I'd really call a dream.
Goonko: What about becoming a professional basketball player?
Kazuma: That's a dumb question. Going pro in America isn't a dream, that's a target.
Goonko: Oh, I get it.
Kazuma: Oh wait, I thought of one.
Kazuma: I wanna catch an 80cm black bass!
Goonko: ...huh?
Kazuma: I wanna try myself against the master of the lake.
Kazuma: It'll be a showdown between two men!

I really wish that there was a fishing date in Girl's Side. It was an amusing diversion in Tokimemo 2.

12/21: Basketball

As if there was any other outcome.

12/23: The big Christmas sale

It's taken almost a year to save enough money, but now we can finally afford that classy furisode from the shop.

And by "classy" I mean "decorated with cats for some reason". That's... certainly unique.

A sleeveless cocktail dress completes the splurge, and it's down to 6 Rich for Goonko. We probably spent too much, but it was worth it.

12/24: Christmas Eve

Oh. Yeah, we definitely spent too much and can't afford the 10 Rich items.

In the cheap gifts, there's a Kitten Calendar, a Skullbear Pencil Case, a Miniature Cactus, a Jar of Cookies, a Glass Penholder, and Idol Trading Cards. Because cookies are awesome, I bought the Jar of Cookies.

With a striped ribbon and a black cocktail dress, I can't help but think that Goonko looks like a flapper right now. I don't have any evidence to back that up, though.

Goonko: Oh, here comes Amanohashi-san.
STRANGER DANGER: Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Amanohashi mansion.
STRANGER DANGER: Tonight, I'd like you to relax and make yourselves at home.
STRANGER DANGER: And please, enjoy this Christmas Eve to your heart's content.
STRANGER DANGER: Merry Christmas!
Everyone: Merry Christmas!

Mizuki: Fudou-san, Joueux Noël!
Mizuki: Are you enjoying yourself?
Goonko: Hey, Mizuki-chama, merry Christmas!
Mizuki: Très mignon! That outfit is cute!
Mizuki: It's almost as cute as Mizuki's!
Goonko: Thanks.
Goonko: (She praised my outfit!)

Reused dialogue, but pasted for reference.

Kazuma: Y, yo, Kimiko! So you came.
Goonko: Oh, hi Kazuma-kun.
Kazuma: I wanted to talk about something snazzy or smart for at least one day out of the year, but, uh...
(The provides a window full of dots as shorthand for "and then they talked")
Kazuma: Anyway, I gotta go soon. So, uh...
Kazuma: Merry Christmas, okay?

Goonko: The gift exchange is about to start.
Goonko: Whose present is going to make it to me? It could be...
Option 1: Kei
Option 2: Shiki
Option 3: Kazuma
Option 4: Wataru
Option 5: Icehouse 01

Santa: Ho ho ho! You get this present, young lady!
Santa: Merry Christmas!
Goonko: (I wonder what I got? Let's open it up.)
Goonko: (It's an exercise video.)
Goonko: (Hey, wouldn't this be from--)

Goonko: Kazuma-kun.
Kazuma: Y, yo, Kimiko. H, hey, you're holding the present I brought.
Goonko: Wait, really?
Goonko: Whoa! And you're carrying the present I brought.

Kazuma: You know--
Goonko: Yeah? Something wrong?
Kazuma: How do I put it? Well...
Kazuma: You know what, whatever. This must be fate, in its own way.
Goonko: (Huh? He didn't seem very happy for some reason.)

Personally, I would rather have a jar of cookies for Christmas than a small collapsible treadmill. This is a big part of why I have never been a good athlete.

12/27-12/28: Skating with Kazuma

After Kazuma goes through his "heeeey, you busy?" routine on the 27th, we go skating with him on the 28th!

I have a feeling that this isn't warm enough, but I have no idea because there's no feedback on this count.

Yep, definitely not warm enough.

Kazuma: Are you a good skater?
Option 1: Teach me how to skate.
Option 2: You bet I am!
Option 3: I'm not bad, I guess.

This is pretty much exactly the same as the pool conversation, but now with knives on our feet. Guess what the right answer is?

Goonko: You bet I am!
Kazuma: I knew it, Kimiko! Awesome!
Kazuma: Alright, let's see who's better!
Goonko: (Yay, a perfect impression!)

You know, at least when the Tokimemos with male audiences pulled this kind of thing, they at least changed the options a bit to be more amusing.

Goonko: Say, Kazuma. What kind of girls do you like?
Kazuma: Wh-wh-wh-what are you saying?!
Kazuma: I dunno that kind of thing!
Goonko: But you at least have a type, right?
Kazuma: I, I guess the kind of girl who can laugh out loud.
Goonko: Huh?

Kazuma: I mean, not the kind who have those annoying stupid laughs.
Kazuma: But, you know, the ones who can laugh and giggle.
Kazuma: When they do that, you feel like they're up-front with their feelings, you know?
Goonko: I seeee. Hmmm, I seeee.

Kazuma: J, jeez. Stop making me talk about weird stuff.

Next time: A good use for bad cooking.