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Part 113: Chapter 1.2: Or you can get with that

Tokimemo Girl's Side 2, Chapter 1.2: Or you can get with that

Hariya (Harry) Kounoshin

If you vote for Harry: Siren will work at the music store and probably play in the brass band

Harry Kounoshin, scene 1: The legend in his own mind

Siren: Hmm? Where's that melody coming from?
Siren: (It's coming from here - the music room. It's such a beautiful song...)
Siren: (It won't hurt to peek inside, right?)

Siren: (Wow, he's really good.)
Siren: (He's a first-year like me, isn't he?)

Siren: *applause*

Harry: Who's there?!
Siren: Oh, um, I'm sorry! It was such a nice song, I couldn't help but clap.

Harry: Wh, who said you could listen?
Harry: B, but do you really like the tune?
Siren: Yeah, it was a beautiful song.

Harry: Oh, yeah? Thank you!

Harry: Wait, no, that's not right!
Siren: Huh?
Harry: I wrote that song, so of course it's great.
Harry: Right? Yeah, of course it is.
Siren: Uh, umm, my name's Fudou Siren! Could you tell me your name?

Harry: M, my name? Uh, umm, I'm...
Siren: ??
Harry: Hariya... ...noshin.
Siren: Noshin?

Harry: Hariya! Kounoshin! Harry for short.
Harry: Later!

Siren: Whoa! He's gone.
Siren: Harry, huh? Why Harry...
Harry: Remember, it's HARRY!
Siren: (...)

Harry 2: Harry with a Vengeance

Harry's introduction via working at the music shop is much different from his stat-only intro.

Siren: My name's Fudou Siren, and I'm starting here today. Nice to meet you!
Manager: Your shift is going to be every Wednesday and Friday. We're expecting great things from you!
Siren: Yes sir!
Siren: (Alright, time to work hard!)
Siren: (Today's my first day ever at work... boy, I'm nervous)

Harry: Hey, you.
Siren: Huh?
Harry: You're the new girl, right?
Siren: Yeah! My name's Fudou Siren, nice to meet you!
Harry: Do you even know anything about musical instruments at all?
Siren: Uhhh, ummm...

Harry: God, you're a complete amateur?
Harry: I am so not looking forward to this.
Siren: I, I might be a newbie, but I'm gonna work hard!
Siren: So I'll need your help, senpai!

Harry: Wait. What did you just call me?
Siren: Huh?
Harry: You just called me "senpai", right?
Siren: Yeah, I guess I did.

Harry: Awesome!
Siren: Huh?!

Harry: You can count on me for anything you need!
Harry: I'll teach you everything I know!

Harry: Call me "Harry"!
Siren: "Harry"?

Harry: The future star of Hanegasaki Academy!
Harry: Hariya!
Harry: ...Kounoshin.
Harry: So anyway, that's why you should call me Harry! Got it?
Siren: Umm, okay!
Harry: Great!
Harry: We'll start by teaching you the basics of guitars. C'mon!
Siren: (Huh, so Harry goes to the same school as me. But seriously, "Harry"?)
Harry: What're you doing just standing there? Get over here!
Siren: Coming!

Christopher Weatherfield

If you vote for Chris: Siren will join the art club.

Siren: (Hmm? Why do I feel a breeze?)

Siren: (Whoa, a blonde. Is he a student here?)
Siren: (It's like a painting with the window as the frame.)

Chris: Sigh.
Chris: Somethin's wrong.
Siren: (Somethin'?)

Translator's note: Siren's asking this question because the first word out of Chris' mouth is in Kansai dialect, which you don't really expect from blonde strangers.

Chris: Ain't this the best spot, and the blinds are closin' on me.
Siren: (Is he seriously speaking in Kansai-ben?)
Siren: (And on top of that, what's he talking about? Alright, I'll just ask him--)
Siren: Excuse me? Is there something wrong with the curtain?

Chris: Yuh-huh, that curtain was gettin' in the way of--oh.
Chris: Hiyadoin', Ren-chan?
Chris: Need somethin' from me?
Siren: Huh? Wait, how do you know my name?
Chris: Ain't it just proper manners ta know all the girls' names in school?
Siren: Is it? Uh...

Chris: Name's Christopher Weatherfield.
Chris: Nice ta meet ya.
Siren: Nice to meet you too.
Siren: So, what were you staring at just now?

Chris: Eh? I wasn't starin' at nothin'.
Chris: What're ya talkin' about?
Chris: Seeya.
Siren: (Chris-kun... is he actually a foreigner?)

Chris 2: Vandalism

Siren: (What's Chris-kun doing over there?)
Siren: Hey, Chris-kun!
Chris: Ren-chan! Hey, don't ya think this is great?
Chris: I call it, "Ninomiya Kinjirou, feat. Chris"
Siren: It's... it's very colorful.

Ninomiya Kinjirou is one of the most famous scholars in Japanese history, and it's really common to see statues of him erected in front of schools. According to his legend, he was always reading or studying something new, so it's basically the equivalent of having a statue of John Chapman with an apple in his hand. The blue makeup and polka dot book cover are not standard, though, and are entirely Chris' fault.

Chris: He's been standin' there readin' that book by his lonesome for so long, I figured I'd give his wardrobe a little sprucin' up.

Chris: The teachers didn't see eye ta eye with me, though.
Siren: Are they angry at you?
Chris: Suuuper angry.
Chris: They shouted "Wash that off right now!" and chased me 'round with a mop.
Siren: Yeah, he kind of loses his gravitas this way.

Chris: He has gravy?
Siren: Uh, maybe I should've said dignity.
Chris: Hmm... so ya mean he looks less stuck-up, right?

Pun alert: Siren says "igen" (威厳) here, which means dignity/gravitas/presence etc. Chris hears it as "ingen" (隠元), which means beans. In two words, this shows why I kind of dread the Chris route.

Chris: Which means, hmm...
Chris: I got it! I'll bling him out!
Siren: What?
Chris: He's all important and stuff, yeah? Don't that sound like it'll look great?
Chris: Yeah, I'll do that. Oh!

Chris: And before I do that, I gotta take a picture!
Chris: C'mere and take a picture with me!
Siren: (I have the feeling that decking this guy out in gold make the teachers even more angry at you, though.)

Amachi Shota: Sir not-yet-appearing-in-this-film.

I didn't have time to fast-forward enough to get to the boy wonder's introductory scenes. Besides, he makes me feel like a creepy cougar, so I think I'm just gonna leave him off of the poll.

Wakaoji Takafumi

If you vote for Wakaoji: Siren will join the track team.

Wakaoji Takafumi 1: Science is hard.

Siren: (Ugh... Science is hard.)
Wakaoji: Does everyone understand?
Wakaoji: DNA is composed of deoxyribonucleotides formed out of the purine bases A and G, as well as the pyrimidine bases C and T.
Siren: (Ummmm, that's really complicated.)
Wakaoji: So these two strings link together like a chain and spin around each other to form a spiral--
Siren: (I'm getting sleepy...)

Wakaoji: Fudou-san.
Siren: Y, yes?
Wakaoji: Have you been listening to what I've been saying?
Siren: Uh. Yes.

Wakaoji: Then say deoxyribonucleotide ten times fast for me.
Siren: What?!
Wakaoji: Hurry up now.
Siren: Uh, deoxyribo--
Wakaoji: Bzzzzt. I win.
Siren: (Did he seriously just say "I win"?)

Masaki Motoharu

If you vote for Masaki, Siren has no choice but to work at the flower shop - it's the only way to meet him.

Masaki Motoharu, scene 1: You look familiar.

Siren: (The first day of work is really nerve-wracking.)
Motoharu: Can I help you find something, ma'am?
Siren: Huh?

Motoharu: If you tell me your budget, I can assemble a bouquet for you.
Siren: No, umm--
Motoharu: I'll give you a discount if you don't think you have enough, so tell me whatever you want.

Image used to remind you that this game really went overboard with the touching.

Motoharu: Hmm, if you choose those, it'll be a bit hard to keep the price down...
Motoharu: Well, I'll come up with something.
Siren: Oh, thanks--wait, that's not what I was trying to say at all!
Motoharu: Huh? What were you trying to say, then?
???: Masaki-kun.

Motoharu: What's up, Arisawa?
Shiho: Were you listening when the manager was talking to us?
Shiho: She's not a customer, she's working--
Motoharu: Oh! Oh! He was saying she'd start today!

Shiho: There's just no talking to you, sometimes.
Shiho: I'm sorry that we weren't very thorough with the message.
Siren: Oh, no, don't be. Uh, my name is Fudou Siren.

Shiho: Arisawa Shiho. We'll be working together from today on.
Siren: I'm looking forward to it!
Shiho: For now, we're going to have you learn from Masaki-kun.
Shiho: Though I think he might not be very reliable.
Motoharu: Is that really how you introduce someone?
Shiho: Oh, a new customer. I'll talk to you later.

Motoharu: Like she said, my name's Masaki Motoharu.
Motoharu: Oh...
Siren: Umm, is something wrong?

Motoharu: Oh, sorry. Your uniform really brings me back.
Motoharu: I graduated from Hanegasaki Academy.
Siren: Really?!
Motoharu: So we just missed each other, huh?
Motoharu: Anyway, we should talk about that another time.
Motoharu: For now, the main thing you should learn is that working here at a flower shop isn't easy.
Siren: Got it!
Motoharu: I like your spirit. We're expecting great things from you, so work hard.
Siren: (Masaki-senpai... he seems pretty reliable after all.)

Motoharu 2: Don't think, feel

Siren: Ugh...
Motoharu: Why the long face, Ren?
Siren: I just remembered that midterms were coming up.

Motoharu: Whoa, midterms! I remember those.
Siren: Hahaha... and anyway--
Siren: I really don't get the parts that the teacher told me were gonna be on the test.
Motoharu: Hmm. You have your textbook on you?
Siren: Yeah, I do.
Siren: Let's see, it was this part right here--

Motoharu: Hmm...
Siren: Do you get it?
Motoharu: Now, now, don't rush me.
Motoharu: Alright, I solved the mystery.
Motoharu: Question 1 is 2.96%.
Motoharu: Question 2 is 5 kinds.
Motoharu: And Question 3 is A.
Siren: Wow, you're right! Can you help me?
Motoharu: Hmm...
Motoharu: Nope.
Siren: What? Why not?

Motoharu: I run on instinct, so I'm not very good at telling people how I got there.
Motoharu: So even if I get the right answer, I can't explain any of the work.
Motoharu: That's why my grades were all over the place.
Siren: Ugh...
Motoharu: Sorry. But as an apology, I'll teach you the best option available.
Siren: What's that?

Motoharu: Protip: next time you're on shift with Arisawa, recite this magic spell:
Motoharu: "Can you tutor me, please?"
Siren: A... a spell, you say.
Motoharu: Yup.
Motoharu: And when you cast that spell, your midterm grades will mysteriously go up!
Siren: ...
Motoharu: And if she makes you a study sheet, the last boss will be a breeze for you.

Motoharu: Even if you think I'm lying, you should try it.
Siren: (...Should I listen to him? He was just talking about video games.)