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Part 116: Interlude: A future of trolling

A future of trolling

Just as an FYI to the thread, I have gone back a bit and redone a few months, in order to craft what I think will be the most satisfying path for the thread. This means that I've gone back all the way to the beginning and shifted Siren's boy preferences to a little arrogant and handsome, of course

This is what lies ahead, when I have more time to work on the LP and less time to drink at GDC:

Haruhi: Say, Ren...

Haruhi: When we have a day out like this, ya probably shouldn't just cling ta me...
Siren: Huh?
Haruhi: Well, what I'm sayin' is, it's more fun ta ride with different people.
Haruhi: Wait a sec!

Haruhi: No way... were ya after me from the beginnin'?

Haruhi: Y'know, it's fun ta be with ya! Real fun!
Haruhi: It's fun ta ta be with ya, but to... BE with ya...
Haruhi: Danger!
Haruhi: DANGER!

Siren: (She ran off... did I do something wrong?)